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Kay Feb 18th, 1999 08:10 AM

Augsberg & Regensburg, Germany--been there? Liked it?
I'm doing my pre-planning, er, ,pre-dreaming now for a trip in autumn 2000. Being a fan of old architecture and lots of history, I've been drawn to what some guidebooks have to say about Augsburg and Regensburg. Who has been there? Do you recommend it/them? Thanks for your advice, in advance.

Lee Feb 18th, 1999 08:51 AM

Kay: I have only been to each city once, but I liked them both. <BR> <BR>Augsburg is one of the larger cities in Bavaria and I believe it's nearly as old as Trier at about 2,000 years. The city has some outstanding architecture and a real old-world flavor. Everywhere you turn are fountains and beautiful buildings. There is much to see. <BR> <BR>Regensburg, also in Bavaria is located on the Danube River. The famous Steinerne Brucke (stone bridge) is one the most recognized places in the city, but it is also the home of the beautiful St. Peter's cathedral. The city is a well preserved "museum" of Middle Ages architecture. <BR> <BR>Both could be visited as separate day trips from Munich as both are within easy driving distance. <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR>

Maira Feb 18th, 1999 09:12 AM

The tour of the City Hall in Regensburg was one of the best tours I had while in Germany. We had to take the tour in German, but the tour lady was very kind and explained some details in English afterwards the best she could. The medieval dungeons and torture chambers were very scarily real...The city is very easy and nice to walk around with plenty of historical (medieval) buildings peppered all over (unusual number of churches...). Two nice surprises; at the entrance of the city hall you can still see on the wall the standards of measure (one foot, etc...)that were used during medieval trading at the market, and walking down a quiet street we came across this apartment building with a plaque stating that was the building where Oscar Schindler went to live after the war (he lived at that address for five years). I really liked Regensburg. I picked a lot of info regarding hotels. E-mail me if you think you'll need it. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

Tom Feb 18th, 1999 11:21 AM

I went to Ausberg two months ago and liked it. But I must confess that Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl and Heidelberg were more enjoyable. I found Ausberg to be a little too modern and spread out (both relatively speaking) than the rest. Rothenberg was particularly picturesque and combined the best balance of nice accomodations, good food and accessible sights within a beautifuly walled city.

Lisa Feb 18th, 1999 11:25 AM

We were in Regensburg as the last stop on a wonderful boat trip last year at Christmas time that started in Vienna. Regensburg is wonderful; wish we could have spent more time there. The trip on the Heinrich Heine is one we would highly recommend; almost entirely German passengers, although that may be different at other times of year.

Kay Feb 18th, 1999 01:42 PM

All very interesting information. Thank you so much. I am even more keen than I was already. <BR> <BR>Maira, the Schindler connection in Regensburg is interesting...will have to look for the plaque. Lee, it sounds as if I will love the old architectural sites as you did. <BR> <BR>Tom, I've already been to Rothenburg and Heidelberg and would love to return to both but feel there is still so much to see for the first time. Lisa, your boat trip sounds wonderful. Now if fall 2000 weren't so darned far away!

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