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artstuff Sep 28th, 2007 05:34 AM

Auer Dult, Munich, Germany
I have just discovered that we will be in Munich during the same time that the Nächste Auer "Kirchweih" Dult (church anniversary fair) will be taking place on the Mariahilfplatz, 20 October to the 28 October.

Has anyone ever been to the Dult? If so, how did you like it?

We're thinking it could be an interesting walkabout for a few hours during one of our days in Munich.

Info from website:

The Auer Dult is held three times a year on the square around Mariahilf church and is one of Munich's oldest markets. The name "Dult" is derived from an old German word meaning "observance": it was orginially a fair in connection with an ecclesiastical celebration, attracting junk dealers, quacks and performers. The meaning of the word, however, changed over the centuries, and today it simply means "fair". "Auer" refers to its location in Munich's borough "Au".

These fairs have a long tradition in Munich. They were mentioned for the first time in 1310; in 1796, the Electoral Prince Karl Theodor granted the suburb Au the right to hold a fair twice a year, and since those days there have been "Dulten" regularly. Since 1905, there have been three such fairs a year on Mariahilfplatz.

Nowadays it is one of the major seasonal events in the city: it is a large jumble sale and a unique place which you can search for rarities and curiousities from the old days. 290 stands offer rare books and old prints, haberdashery goods, natural hair and skin care, or Europe's largest selection of china and cooking equipment. Many an authentic traditional garment, be it lederhose or dirndl, has been found here; and if you are lucky, you might find a real treasure.

Children rather appreciate horseback riding, the puppet show, the merry-go-rounds, one of which features a historic organ; teenagers are probably more interested in a ride on the bumper cars or in testing their skills at shooting galleries. Acrobats and clowns entertain all generations just like in the old days.

After all the searching and entertainment, there is nothing like a good, savoury lunch. There are plenty of stands selling fresh food and drinks: beer, but also fruit juices and fresh coffee, which all go well with traditional Bavarian snacks such as fish-on-a-stick, barbecued sausages and chicken. You'll also find caramelised almonds and plenty of candy.

German only website:

Any opinions?
Robyn :)>-

Cowboy1968 Sep 29th, 2007 09:11 AM

Auer Dult is a nice fair, yet far from being a big huge thing like Oktoberfest.
It's more an event for the locals - mostly because it is not that well know as Oktoberfest.
Mariahilfplatz is not far from the city center, so even if you do not like it, you won't have lost much time.
Just don't go when it's raining..

scatcat Sep 29th, 2007 03:14 PM

I've gone to the Auer Dult several times. I just went for the nice antique fair. No junk-just nice antiques-no bargains, but I always find something. I have only been to the spring fair.

artstuff Oct 1st, 2007 03:57 PM

Thanks for the input. If the weather is nice, we'll probably make our way over to the Dult at some point while we're in Munich. It sounds like it would be interesting to wander around, and maybe I'll even find a little bauble to bring home.

Do you know, is there a fee to get onto the fair grounds?

Robyn :)>-

scatcat Oct 1st, 2007 06:15 PM

There was no charge when I went the last time. It is worth the tram ride just for the food, even if you aren't interested in antiques. When I was there three years ago, there was a booth set up that sold only those cute lace curtains that hang in every German home. I bought four.

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