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Bob Brown Aug 4th, 1998 02:34 PM

Attractions in Luzern, Switzerland
If you have been to Luzern, Switzerland, please tell me what you think are the main attractions in the city. Particularly, how did you get to the transportation museum?? Local bus? Boat? <BR>

Ellen Aug 4th, 1998 04:58 PM

<BR>Luzern is nice to walk around town to see the shops and old town. The Lion Monument is okay, not impressive. The lake is beautiful. My best day trip of any Europe vacation started from Lucerne. Take the boat on the lake and the cable cars up Mt. Pilatus and then back to Luzern via tram. It is wonderful and after at least 12 trips to Europe, this remains the day trip to be "topped". Lucerne is easily accessible by rail. Good Luck, Ellen

Jen Z Aug 4th, 1998 08:13 PM

I love will find it very beautiful. Sights, well, the Lion Monument is nothing fabulous, as mentioned above, but it's free. Next to it is the really old attraction "The Glacier Garden" which shows some interesting glacial effects...but is most popular for the hall of mirrors and distortion mirrors that were added for some unknown reason. We had fun there...sit on a chair, very still, in the hall of mirrors...people will think you are a reflection, and then flip out when they touch you and discover you're real... Anyway... The Boubaki Panorama is a circular painting of a scene from the Franco-Prussian War, and is really a waste of cash. We went because we bought a museum pass for Luzern, and it was included. Take a walk on the old city wall (be careful when you are in the clock tower -- if it rings you will be deaf for the next week!). If you walk the wall going up the hill towards the big chateau or whatever it is up there you will come down near the Spreuerbrucke, which will take you to the Kapellbrucke, making a nice loop of old city walls and covered bridges. The Kapellbrucke has actually been rebuilt after a fire in 1993, and only managed to burn down to almost nothing because when the emergency call was made to the fire department, they thought it was a hoax, and didn't take action until they had a number of calls reporting the blaze (this information you get when you have relatives showing you around!). You can easily get to the Transport Museum by bus...we got a ride, but walked back afterwards to our relatives' place, which is downtown. It's a bit of a long walk, but quite nice as it's along the lake. Personally, I didn't see why the Transport Museum is often called the best in Europe. The Deutsches Museum of Technology in Munich is much better, I think, but if you haven't seen either, then don't skip this one. And lastly, check out expensive watches and designer clothes in the shops downtown -- the prices will give you a heart attack! Have a good time!

Donna Aug 4th, 1998 09:10 PM

The Lion Monument is spectacular! Especially if you happen to know the history behind it. Not to be missed - and it's a lovely walk to get to it.

May Aug 8th, 1998 06:31 AM

Hi! I just returned from a two week trip through Switzerland including Luzern. I thought it to be a picturesque town with a beautiful old centre. And I thought the Lion Monument was impressive! It wasn't very huge or dramatic but it was beautiful. As mentioned, the Glacier Garden is a worthwhile, if expensive, peek and the Hall of Mirrors is fun. I did have someone grab at me and burst out laughing when she found I was real! <BR>Luzern is nice just to wander around. The transport museum has lots of interactive displays and shows ... I took the bus out (about a 10 minute ride from the train station). You can also go to and from by boat. The bus is more frequent. <BR>Hope this helps.

bob brown Aug 9th, 1998 05:40 PM

Thanks so much for your information on Luzern. <BR>Do you happen to remember from where you caught the bus to the transportation museum? <BR>I hope there is a helpful tourist bureau -- with English speakers.

dan Aug 10th, 1998 04:43 AM

As others have mentioned, Luzern is a wonderful place to just walk around. The view from the top of the ramparts is great. To me though the real main attraction there is the setting on the lake. Take a boat down to the other end (Fleulen). The boat zigzags across the lake between many short stops, and if you have a lot of time, get off at a small town and walk around for a while. At the other end, you will be right at the train station, where you can head back to Luzern. I think the whole thing took us about 4 1/2 hours. If you have a Swiss rail pass, all boats are included! <BR>

May Aug 10th, 1998 07:17 AM

I caught the bus from the train station (both number 6 and 8 goes to the museum, if I am not wrong) and it was five or six stops to the museum. The tourist office is very near the train station. They do speak English and are helpful. In fact, I found out about the buses and boats to the museum from the tourist office. I forgot to mention that if you buy the entrance ticket (CHF18) from the tourist office, they'll throw in a free return bus or boat ticket. Otherwise, the bus costs CHF1.50 one-way, I think! Hope this helps a little.

Cheryl Z Aug 10th, 1998 10:07 AM

<BR>Was in Lucerne last month. Absolutely take the trip up to Mt. Pilatus, and be sure to take a cruise on the lake too.

Lucio Aug 10th, 1998 05:06 PM

Cheryl, you mention the cruise and a trip up MT. Pilatus, both sound great. Do you remember what the prices are for these things. Thanks

Beth Aug 11th, 1998 10:39 AM

Don't go to the casino - it is a JOKE! You couldn't win there even if you carried a gun! Mt. Pilatus trip is outstanding! We went to a folklore luncheon, I understand they also have a dinner. It was really fun with lots of yodeling and the alphorns. It was at a restaurant right in Lucerne. If you asked around, I'm sure you could find it. The food was very good, too!

Cheryl Z. Aug 12th, 1998 02:45 PM

<BR>Lucio - I recall the Mt. Pilatus trip might have been about $25.00 each but not sure, and don't remember what the cruise was. Seemed reasonble for SWitzerland though.

Isabel Aug 12th, 1998 06:28 PM

Just returned from a trip to Europe which included a two-day stay in Luzern. There was a little church, which had two tall spires, close by the lake. It was very easy to get there. The church could easily have been centuries old and the interior was really something. It was totally different from all the other churches I have visited. Do see it if you have time. Unfortunately, I don't know its name. If anyone does or has more information about its history, please let me know.

Cheryl Z. Aug 13th, 1998 04:49 PM

<BR>Lucio - just found some stuff I saved from the trip and the Mt. Pilatus trip was $45.00 each (and well worth it) and the one hour cruise was $22.00 each.

lucio guerrero Aug 13th, 1998 06:38 PM

Cheryl, thanks for the info. :-)

Beth Aug 18th, 1998 04:59 PM

Cheryl, Can you give more info on the trip up to Mt. Pilatus? How long is the trip? What about the lake cruise? Any good-to-know details?

Cheryl Z. Aug 18th, 1998 06:02 PM

<BR>Beth - You can stay up for a while , there's a restaurant, gift shop, and a little snack place. You take the cogwheel train up (steepest in the world), and can go back down either by tram, or if more daring, a gondola. <BR>The cruise we took was a one hour, it was one of their ferry types, because we made couple stops and people got on/off. There were longer trips available too, it's a huge lake.

Sherrie Aug 19th, 1998 11:23 AM

Just another comment regarding Mt. Pilatus, near Lucern. My husband and I took a tour of all of Switzerland in 1996 and one of the biggest hilights of our tour was the cogwheel ride up Mt. Pilatus. I agree with the others, try not to miss this one. However, I would advise you to go up on a day that is clear. When we were up there, one side of the mountain was very cloudy and you couldn't see much of the view. So try to pick a clear day. You can also do some hiking up there. It was a great experience. Enjoy! <BR>

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