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sherriow Feb 26th, 2004 11:09 AM

ATM - Gare du Nord
I read in a post dated 2003 that there are no ATMs in Gare du Nord. Is this true? If so where is the closest ATM to Gare du Nord that one can reach before purchasing a ticket to the metro.

a025830 Feb 26th, 2004 11:13 AM

I don't remember whether or not there is one in the station itself (although I would be very surprised that there isn't given how huge it is. However, there are several very close by on Rue De Magenta.

janis Feb 26th, 2004 11:25 AM

There are ATMs in the station. Last time I was through there tho' the ATMs were down - found others just across the street and down about 1/2 a block from the taxi rank.

So don't worry - if you can't find them in the station or if they are being serviced - just go outside the station and you will find others.

cmeyer54 Feb 26th, 2004 11:42 AM

many metro stations also accept credit cards like Visa in their automated machines.

BTilke Feb 26th, 2004 11:46 AM

If you happen to be coming in to the Gare du Nord by Eurostar or Thalys, you can buy individual metro tickets in the bar car. If you are coming from the UK, you can pay with British currency while on board the Eurostar.
I have found this to be a better option than waiting in line for metro tickets at the Gare du Nord. Sometimes the line moves quickly, but sometimes it's very crowded and slow. It's easier to buy one ticket on the train, then buy a carnet or pass, etc., at another, less crowded station. (Although what I usually do is buy a carnet of metro tickets just before I leave Paris, then I have several tickets on hand for my next trip!)

sherriow Feb 27th, 2004 05:59 AM

Thanks everyone for the information. I thought they should have some but I wanted to be prepared in case they didn't.

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