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Amy Apr 21st, 1999 12:12 PM

ATM Cash Machine Availibility
Hello All, <BR> <BR>How plentiful are ATM cash machines in Ireland? I have Magic Line and Cirrus. <BR> <BR>In your opinion, what is the best mix of currency to take with: <BR> <BR>traveler's checks <BR>US cash <BR>IR cash <BR>VISA <BR>Discover <BR> <BR>Thanks!

elaine Apr 21st, 1999 01:00 PM

I have not been to Ireland. Assuming that someone replies that there are plenty of ATMs everywhere, then <BR>the general consensus is <BR>use your debit card at ATMs as much as possible for cash (in local currency). <BR>Have a credit card or two to charge as much as you possibly can. If you like, take $200-400 dollars in TCs just in case of emergency. Try not to use them, and you can redeposit them into your bank account when you return home. <BR>Many of us like to arrive in a country with $100-$200 in local currency to get us from the airport to wherever without having to stop at an ATM. Others prefer to get their first local currency at the airport. <BR> <BR>If you are told that ATMs are few and far between then use the credit card as much as possible, take more travelers checks in dollars, and still try to get cash at ATMs whenever you can.

doug Apr 21st, 1999 01:31 PM

hi amy <BR>was in ireland last may, had no problem with atm's. plenty available. i took about 70-80 irish punts with me. i leave in a few weeks again and i am starting out with 70punts. two atm cards. if yhou have any questions feel free to email me.

Mike Apr 21st, 1999 07:27 PM

You won't have any problem in Ireland. Cirrus and Plus are the two most common systems in Europe and Ireland. Just make sure you know what your cash limit is in a 24 hours period. I like to mix my money. Travelers checks for large exchanges, ATM for small to moderate exchanges and for quick and easy cash when needed, and credit cards for splurges or when I am in a pinch. Feel free to contact me with more money related advice if needed. good luck.

Dave Apr 30th, 1999 10:34 AM

There are ATMs at Shannon and Dublin airposts. The first thing I do anywhere is find the ATM and get cash for about $200. Travelers checks are unnecessary. But ask your bank and credit card co. how much they charge for cashing and charging.

ireland Jun 2nd, 1999 04:29 PM

hi, <BR>i'm from ireland..there are no problems with atms...VISA is the most common...but Cirrus is also available <BR>take travellers cheques and Irish Punts.there is no need to take US dollars as they will only be accepted by places like restaurants in high season.

Donna Jun 2nd, 1999 10:30 PM

For Cirrus locations worldwide, go to

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