Athens to Turkey ....


Sep 4th, 2003, 04:53 PM
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Athens to Turkey ....

Intend to go from Athens to Turkey(Istanbul???) ... should I go by Boat... or Train...... which is the best as to... $$$ and/or pleasure and entertaninment?? THe later to a degree the more important.... And ...''' How do you purchase '''Carpet''' in and around Turkey.. How do you know is is '''hand woven'''
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Sep 4th, 2003, 06:46 PM
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Don't know about getting between, but as for carpets...caveat emptor. The Turk are wonderful, but they are salesman; particularly in the more touristy areas, like Istanbul and Efesus. The most important advice on carpet buying is to buy what you like. Buying one is easy, stopping at just one is hard. There are shops everywhere. If you don't like the approach of the shopkeepers, go somewhere else. Don't waste your time. Carpet shopping in Turkey is an experience in itself. Don't settle on just any old shop. Look until you find a shop you are comfortable in, then enjoy a few hours of shopping. Enjoy the tea (don't be afraid to ask for a beer). How to tell if it's hand woven...can be tricky, but not too hard. Look at the pattern on the should look clear and you can see the knot pattern. Also, you can bend between the rows and see knots, sort of...It's a bit of - "you know one when you see one."
Turkey is awesome...have a great trip...and don't miss Orta Koy in Istanbul.
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Sep 8th, 2003, 05:46 PM
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We're going in late October -- after much research decided to take a boat from Pireaus (Athens port) to Samos, a Greek Island just off the Turkish Coast near Kusadasi. From there it's an easy ferry ride to Kusadasi, which is just 30 minutes from Ephasus (cool ruins). We're planning on taking a bus to Bandirma and a boat across the Sea of Marmara -- but from Kusadasi, it's about a 9 hour bus or train ride, so you could take a night ride and sleep through it, or do it in the day time and see Western Turkey. Good luck. Jules
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