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bob May 5th, 1999 06:04 PM

Are you making it up?
Is it my imagination or are there only a handful of people that actually reply to comments here. It is hard for me to believe that some of the people giving advice have been to all of the places they claim. I think we have some people with too much time on their hands and answer questions on what they think is right and not real life experiences as they claim.

Al May 5th, 1999 07:47 PM

Think what you wish, but I've been kicking around 72 years, been to a lot of places, and want to see many more before I cash in. I've seen a lot of nice places, seen a lot of crummy places, and will share my experiences with those who are interested. Through this web site I have met a lot of very informative and helpful people from all walks of life and from many places around the world. My only word for you is this: keep your eyes and mind open 'cause you just might learn something. I know -- because I have. Fodor's is head-and-shoulders over other travel web sites because of those who drop in here.

kate May 5th, 1999 09:24 PM

Wow -- I really love Al's reply! Bob - if you make travel a priority in your life, it is amazing how much you can see. And, talking about and anticipating travel is all part of the glorious fun. I don't think folks here have too much time on their hands, I think they are fully engaged in a life the love. I know I am! -- K

Martha B May 5th, 1999 10:16 PM

Make it up? Try it a few times on this site, and see how fast you get jumped on. Man, if you write the restaurant's napkins were pink, and they were really yellow, at least three people will post a correction. I've learned never to say anything not based on my own experience, unless I'm quoting a source which I clearly identify. Since my husband and I have lived in Europe for the last seven years, I'm gathering information all the time, in the ordinary course of my fairly busy life.

Tony Hughes May 5th, 1999 11:20 PM

Bob, some people travel, then travel some more and just keep it up for their entire lives...hell some people LIVE to travel, some love it and some loathe it but on a travel forum such as this I wouldn't expect many of the latter. <BR> <BR>Martha B is right, try bluffing about some place and see where it gets you!

Maira May 6th, 1999 01:59 AM

I loved this one!! Bob, people who travel a lot love to talk about it. I have followed advice on this site and, unvariably, it has been right on, so there is no reason for me to believe that people on this forum are making things up. And about the remark about people having too much time on their hands, I rather spend my time sharing and talking about great memories, than watching "Jerry Springer" or "The Simpsons" (is that still on....?). <BR> <BR>Martha is right...if you really want to test some of the people on this forum, name the wrong train station on Paris, or the wrong rate for a Parador in Spain..within an hour people are correcting you citing chapter and verse...I loved it!!!

jeff May 6th, 1999 03:45 AM

Bob, <BR> I'm afraid that I have to agree with the rest. I doubt that many people would get away with making up their experiences. I loved Martha's response.

elaine May 6th, 1999 04:35 AM

bob <BR>I'll speak for myself here. I feel that I have traveled more than many people and less than many people. Some places that I comment on I've only been to once for a day or two; other places I've visited 6 or 7 times. I have not memorized all the phone numbers or street addresses or web sites of all the hotels, restaurants, or museums I'm familiar with. I have some computer files and a couple of guidebooks near me that I use to provide some of the details people ask for. Sometimes I glean info from other people's postings and put the info into my computer file, so I can help provide phone numbers or websites. Those are facts. However, I don't comment on subjective questions ("is it worth seeing?", "was the food good?","were the rooms large?") unless I have first hand information, or second-hand info from a trusted person, and if it's second-hand info I identify it as such (ie, "I've heard..." "My friend told me...", "the guidebook says..."). <BR>Please don't be so suspicious of people's expertise and willingness (actually, eagerness) to share their travel experience. It's self-serving sharing in some ways, at least for me; it enables me to relive some very pleasant memories' it's a little ego-boosting to feel even minimally expert on a travel subject; and I receive as much or more useful information than I give.

Joanne May 6th, 1999 07:23 AM

I didn't know that there was a credentials requirement for commenting on this site! No, I am not making anything up, and I don't get the feeling that other people are either. <BR> <BR>Some people perhaps can't travel as much as they would like, except in cyberspace. I appreciate the comments from posters who have disclosed that they haven't had direct experience with the destination, hotel, or topic, but have offered helpful information anyways, such as appropriate websites, or referrals to previous threads, etc. <BR> <BR>I prefer an open and democratic forum, but if you want to make sure you're only getting real travel advice, here are my suggestions for "poster credentials": <BR> <BR> o must be immensely wealthy <BR> <BR> <BR>

Joanne May 6th, 1999 07:25 AM

Oops, here are the "Poster Credentials" in their entirety: <BR> <BR>(1) must be immensely wealthy (to borrow a phrase) <BR>(2) must have unlimited free time <BR>(3) must be in perfect health <BR>(4) must speak at least 32 foreign languages <BR>(5) must hold a double doctorate in 2 of these 3 disciplines: history, geography, or anthropology <BR>

Robin May 6th, 1999 07:28 AM

Bob: <BR> <BR>I too wondered who are some of these folks that seem to pop up with regularity & provide very elaborate & detailed information. However, since become a forum devotee, I've found myself posting a reply several times a week (& sometimes several times a day!). But from someone's who's used this resource for my past two trips to Europe, I'm DELIGHTED that people are so eager & willing to share their experiences & give of their time to contribute to this forum. I think everyone & certainly the "regulars" need to give themselves well deserved kudos. <BR> <BR>And since I'm on my soap box tossing out accolades, THANKS everyone & in particular, John, Wes, Elaine, Daniel, for all your Paris info !!! <BR>

Becky May 6th, 1999 07:34 AM

<BR>This is a good one. Most of the people who post on this site are interesting and educated. That is why I keep coming back. Frankly, and perhaps naively, I trust YOUR insight. <BR> <BR>Rarely, is there foul language and lack of dignity. Keep up the good work, and just try to pull something on this group! <BR>

Bob Brown May 6th, 1999 08:45 AM

Let me put is this way: Anybody ever know Al or Wes or some of the other frequent posters to be wrong?? <BR> <BR>I am 66, and by the time I was 7 I had made 13 round trips b.getween the east and west coasts. I learned to read a map about the same time I learned to read, which was before the first grade. <BR>I have had jobs that required me to travel extensively and I have put a priority on taking vacations away from my home for the past 35 years. And I lived in Europe for a year as a student and did extensive wandering in those days. I think I have been around the block, but I never answer questions on what to see in Scandanavia, Italy or France or Spain because my experience there is limited at best. I don't think you can fool the audience that reads this forum; there are too many people who read the postings who know a lot about the subject. <BR>Let me put it this way: I profit from the advice of others every week.

henry v. May 6th, 1999 09:56 AM


elaine May 6th, 1999 10:21 AM

henry v <BR>Forgive my mixing in, but Maira's statement needn't be interpreted as a put down. All she said was that she's rather talk about travel than watch the two shows she mentioned, and she's so interested in other things that she's not even sure if the one show is still on. <BR>If you enjoy travel AND the Simpsons, good for you. <BR>

Tony Hughes May 6th, 1999 10:40 AM

Elaine, I agree with you - I love travelling and adore the Simpsons !! <BR>D'oh!

elvira May 6th, 1999 11:02 AM

Yes, Bob, you've made me see the light. I do have WAY too much time on my hands so I just called Harv-the-travel-agent and booked a flight to Paris for Memorial Day weekend. I think I'll take the TGV to Lyon (haven't been there in years) for a day. <BR>Anybody know a good hotel in the 21st arrondissement?

John May 6th, 1999 12:14 PM

Elvira, you might have a problem trying to find a hotel in the 21st arrondissment during this lifetime. But i know you are just jesting. Do I get a loolipop?

Maira May 6th, 1999 01:33 PM

Elaine---I owe you one! <BR> <BR>Henry V---- Elaine said it well. <BR> <BR>

Mary Ann May 6th, 1999 06:09 PM

I am relatively new to the forums (about a month or two) but I have to say I have learned alot. We're preparing for our 3rd trip to Europe, so it has helped and since we have been twice I have contributed as well. The comments above are very true. Travelers love to share the joys of traveling and reliving and refreshing old memories along with planning to make new ones. Planning is half the fun of traveling. Can you think of a better hobby, its educational covering art, history, geography, culture,food, climate current events etc. Plus its healthy with exercise and fresh air. It is better than TV and books and you share it with others. Hooray for travel and the forum!!!!

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