Are we crazy to travel now?

Old Oct 23rd, 2001, 05:07 PM
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To Ginny - I am in agreement with you we canceled a trip last week to Ireland and this week in Italy because of the same reasons. We did not want to over seas and our children and grandchildren be here in New York. Yes, we are out major money but I thank God nothing major happened here or over seas. I call that my insurance policy from God. We toyed with going and not going since 9-11, but when the bombing started we canceled. Our traveling friends had to go to Ireland because it was their sons wedding and chose not to go to Italy without us. I will let everyone know how Ireland was when they return (that's if they get over being mad at us - they were out the money too). In my heart we know we did the right thing and plan on continuing to travel in the states for now. Time will tell when we will reschedule Europe. What ever you do - Good Luck
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Brooke, my wife and I were in Ireland this past week.We took our baby and left our 5 and 10 year old children at home with their grandmother so they wouldnt miss school.Everything worked out great.Dont worry, it was a great break for us after listening to the awful news for weeks.I felt safe and called home a few times to check on my kids, I got a 10 pound calling card and only used half the time allowed.Irish people are wonderfull and you have nothing to worry about.(This is not top secret so dont get critical)On our way home on the 27th we ran into about 150 army guys making a pit stop at shannon airport.It was great to see the U.S. army with their american flag emblom on thier sleves.I'm sure the security is very tight there. It was a totally different world, people are not talking about it everywhere you go.The news is normal, and the papers have their news but not like here at home where it is all consuming and blown up to a paranoid frenzy.I didnt watch hardly any news and didnt even think about current events at all unless I was confronted with it the few times I saw a news show.Life goes on.
Old Oct 29th, 2001, 12:02 AM
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Life is short, enjoy it. There is more risk of a car wreck than any other travel incident.

Quit watching the news for a couple of weeks and you'll feel better about going. I'm going to Europe in December and am frankly not worried at all, but every time I turn on CNN I can see why so many people are.
Old Oct 29th, 2001, 07:54 AM
Dina Lydia
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My husband and I just returned from 6 weeks in 5 European countries, then a week in Egypt. We left the U.S. Sept. 5th. (We were just leaving England for France on the 11th.) It was our very first trip, wonderful, in a crazy adventurous way, So many things were not as I expected. But not for a moment did I feel unsafe. I'm planning a full report here as soon as I can manage to collect my thoughts.
The highlight of the trip was Egypt. The people were more warm and friendly than I would've believed, even schoolchildren. We had our own local taxi driver/guide, recommended by a friend, who took good care of us, but we also went out sightseeing on our own. The Egyptians are hurting, of course, from the desertion of American tourists, and wanted us to know we could feel welcome there. Don't cancel a trip to Egypt out of fear.
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dan woodlief
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We just traveled to Italy for two weeks and left a 2 1/2 year old at home. We had all the paperwork in place just in case, but I was so right about the results of this trip and the reasons for going through with it. I am once again fairly comfortable with flying, and during the time in Italy (which has a travel warning in place by the way) we were able to all but forget about the troubles at home (it helped to not have a TV for a week of the trip). Travel may not be without apprehensions now, but if you really love it, it can be good therapy and remind you that life does go on.
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Those of you that have cancelled are living your life like a wimp. Human beings would never have survived as a race if they thought and felt like you did. It took courage. You let the other side win, each and every time you change a plan. That's exactly what they want to happen. Turn off the ridiculous media hype and read about how REAL men and women handled adversity during other wars, before they had radio and tv to tell you how to think. And stop treating yourself like a traumatized infant.
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In response to Old - No, I have changed my mind-----------This is exactly what you are looking for ----------- SO, I will just sign off as JUST ANOTHER WIMP, that sits back like a person who is treating their self as a traumatized infant. Sounds good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ditto to CJ - I think this person is smoking something. You go girl/guy!!!!
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My girlfriend and I are leaving for Venice on Nov 1. I am leaving my husband and daughter at home. I have gone back and forth about flying and being away. My decision seems to depend on how much news I've watched and when someone says "You're STILL going? I'd never fly now". Reading posts like this gives me more confidence in my decision to go. My husband has been urging me to go all along and have a good time.

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