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sharon Oct 31st, 2000 07:52 AM

are shorts o,k,
<BR>we will be in the hilltowns of tuscany. Iam very hot natured. We have the weather report for the week.In Ala. we are wearing shorts for this temperature. Is it appropriate to dress the same with a few long pants tossed in? We are leaving tommorrow, and the suitcase is fast filling up. Please any quick advice.

lady Oct 31st, 2000 08:01 AM

No! If you're with a group hiking in the country, shorts would be fine. You'll look a little funny when you arrive in larger towns, but people will understand when they see your dirty boots, sweaty hair, packs, etc. If you're on your own, with just a few friends, and NOT obviously arriving just after a hike, it may look a little uncouth to wear shorts, although Tuscans are generally very nice, tolerant and polite. Better: lightweight skirts (cooler than slacks) and simple tops that will make the elderly traditional local people think you're a nice respectful visitor. (Another plus: You don't have to launder a skirt as often as shorts.)

Howard Oct 31st, 2000 09:07 AM

Hello <BR> <BR>Why is everyone so uptight about what Americans wear abroad. If you say you are comfortable in shorts...I say wear them. I live in DC, where we get lots of foreign visitors. A lot of these Euros are wearing weird pants - weird by our standards - you can pick thme out a mile away. Yet, I don't care, and they go about their business. The same should apply on both sides of the Atlantic.

stopbashing Oct 31st, 2000 09:22 AM

Howard: Why do you think Sharon is American? Her English clearly indicates she isn't. "we are wearing shorts for this weather"?

lola Oct 31st, 2000 09:22 AM

You'll be cold!

Byrd Oct 31st, 2000 10:09 AM

Sharon- <BR>We returned this week after two weeks in Hungary, Austria, and Germany, and the temperatures were very mild--close to 70 during the day, just a light jacket or sweater needed at night. I would imagine Tuscany will be considerably warmer than those countries. My suggestion is to take some short-sleeved clothing. If you have room, take shorts to put on when you come back to the hotel. Our group is from Alabama also (Demopolis) and we all wish we had taken more warm weather clothing. The funny thing was---while we walked about in shirt sleeves, most locals seemed to be cold-all bundled up in big jackets! Go figure.

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