April/May travel in Norway

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April/May travel in Norway

We are interested in going to Norway in April/May 2001. We would like to see the fiords by train or cruise. Is April too early to go? Are cruises operating in that time period. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!
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Our trip to Norway took place in May 1992 and we had no weather problems. We took a train from Oslo to Bergen and went from spring to winter and back to spring again as we crossed the mountains by train. We were on board ship along the coast from Bergen to kirkenes and return, covering a period of about 12 days. No problems at all with the weather although a bit of rain now and then reduced visibility. I'd be happy to provide you with a lot more detail about our trip if you wish, but I hope this brief message will encourage you to go ahead with your planning. Contact me directly at your convenience.
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We went to Norway in 1998 in early May, before the beginning of the tourist season. (Boats and other transportation run on a more frequent schedule after mid-May.) Norwegian transportation coordination is exceptional, so getting around was not a problem. However, you must figure out in advance what bus, train, boat you will catch and how it links to other transportation. Most of the hotels that close for the winter reopen in early May, so lodging on the fjords may be somewhat a problem in April. We spent a night at the wonderful Stalheim hotel at the edge of the Njaefjord and had the whole hotel and staff to ourself, a really memorable stay. If you don't find a cruise you like, don't be afraid to put together your own trip through the fjords. It just requires a little planning. Norway is incredible.
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Bjorn Alvik
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Hi, Ashlyn.
I'm a Norwegian, knowing Norway like my own pocket, rain or snow, walking in the mountains, sailing the fjords, skiing etc etc least 4 decades.

I think you really shall pay attention to Marija's reply ([email protected])

Get to Bergen in some way or another. Then to Voss, a wonderful small town and ski resort. From there to Stalheim hotel. Boat thru Nerlandsfjord to Flam in Aurlands-fjord. Train (very steep) to Myrdal (1000m above), from where you get the main-train over the mountains back to Oslo. The last april weekend the world's biggest crosscountry ski-tour is arranged, so it may be crowded in the trains on the 28th of april.
I think this trip is the very best if time is critical. But remember: Have the guides/drivers to use the old roads if possible, not the modern with all the tunnels, from where you only will be able to se Norway from the inside.
April may be very, very shifty what the weather concerns. May is wonderful.
And over all: Do n o t m i s s the 17th of May. The constitution's day, with a fantastic show of flags and children and all people dressed in traditional wearings. Especially Oslo is the place to stay that day, with all the lines of children and musicians greeting the Norwegian King and his family.
Get ready - go Norway!!
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I was in Norway in April 2000. The weather was warmer there than it was in Minnesota. I flew in on Braathens to OSL and then on to Bergen. I took the Norway in a Nutshell tour back to Oslo. Then on to Lillehammer. It is a good time to go, you can see deep amounts of snow but then milder weather in Bergen and Oslo as there are great changes in altitude along the train route. Remember that Easter is a big holiday in Norway, and most if not all businesses are closed for an extended weekend. Have fun it is a great place to visit.

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