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Apple Language school for teen

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My soon-to-be high school senior wants to plan a special trip for after her HS graduation next summer. She has found a short-term language program with APPLE LANGUAGE school that seems to fit the bill. She can choose the amount of weeks she can go and stay with a host family. (I was not in favor of her travelling solo, backpacking around as a 17-yr old grad with only one European trip w/ mom under her belt. So this is a more suitable arrangement.)

Does anyone have any experience (as a parent or student themselves) with this APPLE LANGUAGE course? My daughter is interested in 3 weeks in Cannes, France. Or Nice. It seems very affordable and a great way to celebrate her graduation and also prepare her for her intended major of French studies at university that following autumn.

Any opinions on this course?

Thank you.

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    Have you checked to see if this actually has anything to do with Apple? And the credentials of the people teaching the course?

    Or are you just looking for a program with some supervision? I would not assume this is that kind of a program unless that is specified. In Europe a 17 year old is considered an adult and treated as such. I would assume the "host family" is simply cheap lodging, not acceptance of parental responsibilities.

    (Just as in the US 17 year olds going off to college are considered adults - the school takes no responsibility for their behavior. I remember when I went off to school my parents had to sign a document saying they understood that the school does not act in loco parentis.)

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    there are other organisations running similar courses - after a bit of surfing I found this site that purports to list and rate them:

    I would have a look at a number of them to see what the usual form is for lodgings, tuition, excursions etc.

    I think that this would be a great alternative to back-packing - IME the families that host these youngsters usually take their role very seriously, though of course this can't be guaranteed.

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    I don't think the OP thinks it has anything to do with Apple the computer company, and why would anyone care about that? It would be a positive if it weren't (which it isn't).

    It looks okay, it is registered with some of the official French language school organizations, I think you have to have some credentials to do that. However, I suspect this particular school is going to attract students who just want to have fun, and won't be serious students. Therefore, I would question what level of courses will really be available in that location in the summer--will there really be advanced level courses or will there mainly be beginning or lower level? If she has had 4 years of French she should be at advanced level or close to it. If the school is small, they may have a lot of classes that jsut throw all levels together if they need to, and it may end up being lower than she is.

    This could be totally wrong, of course, but the website gives almost no information about the classes themselves, which is why I suspect this school is mainly for fun. But I'd inquire about that if you really do intend this to be of any educational purporse.

    If she plans to major in French, I presume she has had 4 yrs of HS French already, so such a course for 3 weeks is probably going to do nothing or very little in that regard. It's a vacation on the beach, she chose Cannes for a reason, of course. Sure, I think it's an interesting way to take a vacation and if she's majoring in French, it adds some purpose to a holiday. So if you want to spend a couple thousand dollars on her this summer, it's better than some other things.

    I wouldn't regard this as that cheap myself, so obviously we have different standards there. I've studied in the summer at 2 French universities and another private school and they were cheaper than that course, and so was accommodation. That family accommodation is $111 per day in a host family! And it only includes breakfast, did you notice that? that isn't cheap by my terms. I would not expect the host families to be parents, many of them do it just for the income, it's like being a boarder, that's all. She may get someone different who is more family-like, who knows, but if she is 17 and going to college, I think you should get used to it, and it would be a better deal for her to be in the student residence with other students (and the cost difference is less than $30 a week) which includes half board (probably breakfast and dinner).

    Personally, if this is really meant to be an academic purpose, I think it would be better for her to attend a summer course at the Sorbonne or another university. That will mean more on her resume and I think those credits may even transfer. Or l'Institut Catholique de Paris (I went to Sorbonne and ICP and preferred ICP), which is an accredited university. Their summer courses for foreigners have clearer curricula and levels, and include things like literature, history, civilisation, as well as language studies or translation and some other electives if you test high enough. The summer ICP programs costs 636 euro for four weeks at the semi-intensive level (15 hrs a week), which is about $181 a week tuition (versus the $280 a week at the Apple school for the 18 hr/wk).

    There are various housing options at ICP, they do have some host family stuff which is about 300 euro a week which is about the same price as that Apple school, however that includes half-board, not just breakfast. Many students prefer to live in a student residence, as I did, where you meet students from all over the world and depending on the foyers, the nuns run a tight ship (they did in mine, curfew was at midnight during weekdays if not even weekends). You don't have to be Catholic. The foyer was lovely, you can get a single room, and it was central in Paris. This is the one I stayed at, and its fees are 755 euro for 4 weeks, including a private room and demi-pension (you can choose lunch or dinner with breakfast, most choose dinner as you are at school or out and about during the day). They have a cafeteria in the basement where you eat. So that is $214 a week for room and board which is much less than Apple's $777 a week in a host family which only includes breakfast (and I'm not sure that is even a private room).

    IN short, no, I don't think the Apple program is cheap nor that great, and I think there are better alternatives in terms of usefulness and cost, but it would probably be okay. I would inquire about the level of courses available, however, if one expects anything academically, and you will be spending more for her to eat, it appears. If you just don't want her on her own, fine, but I think a university experience would be more profitable (but she may just want a beach vacation).

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    sorry, I meant o post the link of the foyer I was in, although they had quite a few at ICP

    They were segregated by sex, that one was just for women. It was very nice, I liked the nuns but it was not fancy (meaning only a TV room, but I hardly ever watched TV anyway, and the rooms were simple for sleeping and studying). The school assigned foyers, I just got lucky as I really liked mine, but it appears you can apply directly, I suppose the school may give yo ua list.

    In any case, that's just to give you an idea, the Apple website has some photos of their student residences, also. I just think you can bond and make friends better in a foyer where you see people for breakfast, and dinner, perhaps do things with in the evening, etc., than staying with some family. I met students from many countries and the nice thing was since we were all studying French, we had to communicate in French sometimes as it was our only common language.

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    Thanks for your detailed post, Christina. I appreciate your thoughts.

    My daughter is taking this trip (Paying for it herself) as a graduation gift to herself. So why wouldn't she want to spend half her days at the beach?! She desperately wants to stay w/ a host family.

    Last year I went w/ her to Switzerland, & we stayed w/ friends. I showed her how to go to the grocery store and buy cheap foods for lunch/dinner. It doesn't have to be expensive.

    This trip is getting her through her grinding senior year of HS. Something to look forward to all year long. I'm a bit jealous myself.

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