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Clousie Oct 29th, 2002 10:01 AM

Apartments in Switzerland
Has anyone stayed at apartments in Switzerland. They seem much more reasonably priced than hotels. During the summer, I understand that one can rent for less than a week.<BR><BR>We'll be Engelberg, Zermatt and Grindlewald. Any suggestions or comments?

Ingo Oct 29th, 2002 11:57 AM

I stayed in apartments several times and enjoyed it very much.<BR><BR>Try <BR>In case you speak German:<BR><BR> (German, French, Italian)<BR><BR>Ingo

Jennifer Oct 29th, 2002 01:16 PM

A friend and I are going to Switzerland next month. Are those towns you list good places to visit?

Clousie Oct 30th, 2002 03:18 AM

Jennifer<BR><BR>We're meeting friends from Scotland in Engelberg, and I really don't know much about that area.If anyone has any comments, I'd appreciate them. We really love Grindelwald and environs for hiking. Zermatt also has some good hiking, and our friends want to see the Matterhorn. Hopefully, it may &quot;peak&quot; out of the clouds. Enjoy your trip.

Bob Brown Oct 30th, 2002 06:47 AM

I have stayed in apartments in Switzerland several times, but in only 2 places: Saas Grund (near Saas Fee), and Lauterbrunnen.) In July and August, there usually is a Saturday to Saturday rule in effect. <BR><BR>In Lauterbrunnen rent directly from the lady who owns and operates Chalet Horner because she is a little more flexible in her start and ending days. I never tried to stay for less than a week, so I don't know if she would accept a 4 or 5 day rental.<BR><BR>In terms of cost, an apartment for 5 days would probably cost you less than 5 days in a hotel, even you paid for 2 days that you did not stay there.<BR><BR>Of course if you compared the price at the cheapest hotel with the most expensive apartment, you might not come out ahead. In comparing prices, be sure to check for the &quot;Endreinigung&quot; fee, which is an extra charge for a cleaning crew to come in and tidy up the place. In some cases, that added fee is almost a day's rent.<BR><BR>I am not sure negotiating for a rental period of less than one week will be successful. I tried once to negotiate an apartment rental in Zermatt for 4 days, but the owner escalated the daily price to the extent that I was paying nearly a week's rent anyhow. <BR><BR>In the off season, after the first week in September, you might find some of the owners a little more willing to consider a rental period of less than a of one week. (Zermatt seems to stay crowded, however. We were there in the second week of September, and the streets were full of people.) In the high season, I think your chances are not that good unless you happen to find an owner who, for some reason, has not booked up everything and jumps at the chance to fill the apartment. On the other hand, I would be curious to know why the apartments were not full in the high season. (If it was a sudden cancellation, I would not be concerned.)<BR><BR>I have also rented an apartment in Austria, near Innsbruck, and encountered the Saturday to Saturday, one full week constraint. <BR><BR>I have found the apartments in a variety of ways. My first search was on Internet. I have also sent email to Tourist Bureaus, which are more like chambers of commerce, and obtained brochures listing apartments in the area. I would find one I liked and contact the owner directly, usually by email. In the case of Saas Grund, a German friend of mine called on the telephone to initiate the discussion.<BR><BR>I have NEVER dealt with a rental agency. I have always been able to find suitable accommodations on my own.<BR>I got the impression early on that commercial rental agencies are less flexible and charge more. <BR><BR>The Saas Fee rental was a challenge because the owners did not speak English. I speak a smattering of German, enough to get the job done.<BR>Fortunately, the oldest son was a former student in Texas, and he called me from Z&uuml;rich to confirm the deal.<BR><BR>Chalet Horner in Lauterbrunnen has been good for us because it is near the center of the village where it is convenient to the train station, the bus, and the cable lift up the mountain to M&uuml;rren. Also, a very definite advantage is that the owner is English. When I wanted the apartment this summer, one telephone call, with email confirmation plus credit card number, did the trick. <BR><BR>I like to rent an apartment for many reasons. Usually you have more space, and the availability of a kitchen corner is a huge convenience and money saver. We take advantage of it by shopping the local markets like we lived there. That way we got something of the local flavor, although there is a language barrier sometimes. In Lauterbrunnen, however, there is some English spoken. .

Ingo Oct 30th, 2002 11:21 AM

Engelberg is also great for hiking. It is located south of Lake Lucerne, surrounded by huge mountains (above 3000 m), glaciers etc. - typical Swiss scenery. The village itself is quite touristy, but usually not crowded. Cable cars go up to Mt. Titlis, Brunni and F&uuml;renalp. There is also a monastery with a beautiful Baroque church and library in town, well worth a visit. Don't miss the hike via Jochpass to Lake Engstlensee with its beautiful Alp, the excursion to Mt. Titlis (glacier) and a steam boat trip on Lake Lucerne (and the beautiful old town of Lucerne itself!).<BR><BR>I think you cannot say in general that renting through companies is more expensive than through private owners. Especially makes good rates. Last Sept. I rented an apartment (okay, only 26 m2 + bathroom + kitchenette) for 283 Sfr. per week - everything included, also taxes and cleaning. It was a last minute deal (only one week ahead).<BR><BR>You should check the offers and make your own decision. For example, in Engelberg there is an apartment building called &quot;Utoring Parkweg&quot; bookable through Interhome. Don't know the rates, but the standard of &quot;Utoring&quot; is usually very good.<BR><BR>Ingo

Margie Nov 3rd, 2002 02:15 PM

We rented a wonderful apartment at the Chalet Abendot in Grindelwald 3 years ago for one week. E-mail: [email protected]

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