Apartments in Paris

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Apartments in Paris

Could anyone please share with me your experience with renting apartments in Paris?
Also any information on the feasibility of traveling from Paris to Italy under 200usd.

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Apartments have their advantages and disadvantages. They're certainly great for a family, you can do some cooking or at least keep food in the apartment, they're roomy. Disadvantages are trying to work the appliances with instructions in French, and not having the desk people there to help you. If you arrive and don't like it, or it isn't as specified, that could be a problem. Trying to get a deposit back can be a lesson in futility. Photos on the web or in brochures can be very deceiving - a wide angle lens can make a small apartment look huge and spacious. For more Paris information e-mail me- [email protected]
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In 1997 my husband and I lived in paris for about 3 months. We rented a fully furnished studio from:
The studio was very small and sparsely furnished but it was great for us--we were newly married and my husband was working (and therefore out of the apartment all day). The studio had a small kitchen with a stovetop (it may have had an oven but we didn't use it). It also had a decent bathroom but rather old in the way you expect european apartment buildings to be. It was on the 4th floor with a teeny unreliable elevator. And we could hear everything our neighbor did.

The main benefit of having an apartment was financial. Our rent was $1400/month plus a few utilities. That's much less than it would've been for a hotel. It was in the second arr. and very close to a market street and anything else we wanted. Another benefit was that we could cook at home, go home and crash anytime we wanted to, and it felt more homey than a hotel would've. However, the neighbors were not friendly, probably because they were sick of having new apartment-dwellers next door every few weeks. There was no washer/dryer so we had to go to a laundromat. We didn't have a concierge to help us with anything, but since we had both lived in Paris before that wasn't a problem for us. There was no room service or cleaning lady, although we did get fresh linens every week delivered to the apartment.

My advice on renting an apartment in Paris is this. You should rent an apartment in Paris if:
*You've been to Paris before
*You're staying for at least a week or longer
*You can afford an apt in the center of Paris
*You're not intimidated by finding your own way in Paris
*You will be traveling with more than 2 people and you can afford an apartment large enough to sleep everyone comfortably

If, however, it's your first time to Paris, you will be there less than a week, but you're looking to save money, You might consider a mid-price hotel over an apartment. It really depends on your sense of adventure and independence in a foreign city.

Most rental services won't allow less than a one-week stay.

Have a great trip!!
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We rented an apartment for over a month in the 16th arrond. and really enjoyed ourselves. However, I would advise you NOT to rent an apartment on the ground floor (RdC) as you will have to roll down the security blinds EVERY time you leave the apartment, even for five minutes. That got to be quite a pain. I would go for 2nd floor (3rd floor American) or higher. Remember, that apartments may be smaller than you're used to. Also, ask if the apartment has Ikea beds. Many short term furnished rental apartments do have those and our experience has been that Ikea beds simply don't hold up to that kind of use--the slats that substitute for a box spring can give way pretty easily, especially if you're 200 pounds (as my 6'2" husband is).
There are many sources for apartment rentals--but the more well known, the more expensive they tended to be. You might get some deals if you are willing to stay outside the tourist-concentrated areas of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th arrond. The two bedroom, two-bath apartment we rented normally went for about $1000-$2000 a week, but because we went in Feb/March, we paid $2000 for a month+. Also find out what utilities are included. You may have a hefty electric/water bill at the end if they aren't included in the rent. Ditto for phone service. You probably WON'T be able to do international calls on the phone without using your phone card.
Don't expect a dishwasher. If the apartment has a washer/dryer in it, remember the Euro versions take smaller loads and also take a lot longer to do a load. (We bought a high end Miele washer/dryer for our Brussels apartment and it still takes nearly 1.5 hours to wash a 5 kilo load--but it does a great job.)
Ask if the apartment building has a concierge--she will be able to help you with the settling in bits, like figuring out how the appliances work or contacting the owner if there's a problem. But don't expect the concierge to speak much English.
If you're willing to stay a little farther from the top sights, I highly recommend the 16th arrond. It's the neighborhood of choice for many upscale Parisian families and you'll get a nice sense of Parisian life. We brought our dog with us and she enjoyed the trip as much as we did. Also, because we'd rented a two-bedroom apartment, we had a steady stream of friends and relatives visiting. Out of the five weeks we were in the apartment, my husband and I (and the dog) only had it to ourselves for three days!!
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Hi Veronica,
I think so far everyone has given you very good & practical advice. A web site you may want to explore w/listings is Some of the listings have recommendations & comments from Americans & British folks who've had rental experiences in Paris.
Good Luck,
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Randall Smith
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Bonjour Veronica,

My wife and I live in Indy and have an apartment on the southern edge of the Latin Quarter. It has been fully remodeled and has a custom kitchen, dining room which seats 6, two full bathrooms with tubs, living room with stereo, satellite tv (coming soon), two fireplaces, clothes washer and dryer, two safes, mobile phone available, and car and driver by seperate arrangement. It is on the second floor (primier etage) with elevator. You may want to visit our website at I will also be happy to speak to you by phone at my expense or even meet with you one evening since you're only an hour away.

I also have a friend with a double studio just up the street, a block from the rue Mouffetard, and 2 friends with accomodations in the South.

Please feel free to email me if you are interested.

I think short term apartment rental are superior, if you can find a nice apartment.

Bonne Chance et Bon Voyage,

Randall Smith

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