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puttakka Apr 3rd, 2007 07:51 AM

Anyone taken the ferry to Maloy from Bergen or Sogndal?
I am trying to figure out whether I should take the ferry to Maloy from Bergen or from Sogndal. Here is the wesbite with the express boat info.

I arrive in Oslo at 9:30 AM from Copenhagen on DFDS Seaways on Monday May 28.. I'm debating whether to immediately take the next train to Myrdal (either at 10:33 or 12;27), connect on the Flamsbana railway to Flam, then take a bus to Sogndal, spend the night there, and then catch an early morning ferry to Maloy.

The alternative would be to spend the day in Oslo, take the night train to Bergen, and then take the morning ferry from Bergen to Maloy.

Also, does anyone know if there is an early morning ferry from Flam to any of the towns on the ferry route from Sognefjord to Maloy? The towns on the route are: Sogndal, Leikanger, Vangsnes, Vik, and Nordedje.

I'm betting the ferry trip will be more beautiful from Sogndal to Maloy than it will be from Bergen to Maloy. I'd rather also take the Oslo to Bergen train during the daylight. Has anyone travelled this way?

GeoffHamer Apr 3rd, 2007 08:03 AM

I've not been to the Sognefjord so can't comment, but I have done the Bergen railway by day and by night. I'd recommend doing it in daylight if possible for the scenery. It's not a very comfortable overnight journey because the line twists and turns so much.
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