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Marie Jun 3rd, 1999 04:34 PM

Anyone familiar with the Canterbury Festival?
I understand that there is a festival in October in Canterbury. Does anyone have any information? Also, the Visitor Card for tube and bus sold in the US is for 6 zones, and I was wondering if there is anything of interest in zone 3 to 6. I don't mean the usual tourist sites but little towns that are not concrete havens that we can walk around and feel we are not in the US . Thanks for your help.

Bridget Jun 3rd, 1999 04:56 PM

Marie, <BR>what visitor card are you talking about? i would be interested in this card as well, as we will be staying in richmond (zone 4), which is near the kew gardens. where did you read about this and how much did it cost? thanks! <BR>Bridget

Marie Jun 3rd, 1999 05:03 PM

Hi Briget, The visitor's travel card is sold only in the US and is for unlimited tube and bus travel in all six zones of London and suburbs. A seven day pass is either $59 or $63 I'm not sure because the prices went up this year. Its also sold for less days. Travel must be consecutive days. I also am purchasing Britrails Southeast Pass for my day trips. It covers most of the sights except Bath. Example,Stonehenge,Canterbury,Oxford,Cambridge,Str atford,Dover . If you need advise call any travel agent. They can issue the tube pass and order a SE pass from Rail Europe.

wes fowler Jun 3rd, 1999 05:55 PM

Bridget, <BR>You can purchase a weekly travel card for zones 1 and 2 in London at any underground station for under 18 pounds ($30.00). To do so you'll need a passport sized photo. Many of the tube stations have photo booths adjacent to the ticket booths if you don't have a photo. Almost all of the major attraactions in London are within Zones 1 and 2. It would be cheaper for you to buy the 18 pound pass and daily supplements from zones 2 to 4. <BR> <BR>Marie, <BR>If you're looking for a neighborhood that's a bit different, look to Little Venice. Take the Bakerloo line to Warwick Avenue (zone 2) and you'll find a lovely canal lined with floating restaurants and houseboats bedecked with flowers. You can take a canal boat ride to Camden Lock which has a canal side street market (and a tube station). The market is augmented with buskers and street performers.

Ron Jun 3rd, 1999 06:17 PM

The Canterbury festival runs from 16 to 30 October, "over 200 events including concerts in Canterbury Cathedral as well as drama, contemporary dance, exhibitions and street entertainment." Performers include the RPO, BBC Singers, English Concert. Box office opens Aug 2, tel: 01227 455600.

Ben Haines Jun 4th, 1999 01:45 PM

Yes: I get to the festival for a couple of days every second year or so. Mr Walsh has summarised it well. The festival tends to fairly established work: this is no spot for the wildly experimental. It tends, too, to refer a little to the cultural history of the city: Becket, Chaucer, Marlowe, TS Eliot. It includes a special line in interesting talks on books and by authors -- again, people you might well have read. <BR> <BR>Later, the festival will have its programme on a web site. Even now the Cathedral Gate Hotel has a web site: it among my favourite hotels. Chiefly 15th and 16th century, it possesses not a single level floor. <BR> <BR>Please write if I can help further. <BR> <BR>Ben Haines, London <BR> <BR>

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