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Keli Aug 18th, 2001 07:24 AM

Anyone familiar with Grindelwald,SW?
Planning a late Spring trip to Switzerland and found a postcard I received 3 years ago (from a now deceased Aunt) from Grindelwald. It looks lovely. Any pros and cons? How about hotel or apartment recommendations? Which is better place to stay for 3-4 days Grindelwald or Interlaken? We'd like to use trains only if possible (no car rental). <BR>Keli (please post here as my email is monitored at work...thanks!)

Ed Aug 18th, 2001 08:38 AM

For most of us, Grindelwald is to be much preferred over Intelaken. <BR> <BR>Many would equally prefer Mürren or Wengen over Grindelwald. Much smaller towns, a bit more "typical" of a Swiss mountain town. Plus, Grindelwald, being much larger, is spread out a bit with a tad of a walk, at least, from most hotels to the train station. <BR> <BR>In any event, it's a marvelous area, and you can hardly go wrong with any choice. <BR> <BR>You'll find thumbnail sketches of the options and activities in the area starting at

Linda Aug 18th, 2001 08:41 AM

The whole area is beautiful and worth spending time. You will get various opinions about staying in Interlaken or higher up in smaller towns. I enjoyed Interlaken and found the Bucherer store (watches, clocks, etc.). I buy from them when I am in Europe and by internet/fax when I am here--good quality items. If you stay there, take the train up to Jungfrau as the views are spectacular. If you like hiking and leisure, then stay further up. If you like to be near activity, then stay in Interlaken. We stayed at Hotel Weisses Kruez and enjoyed it, but it was a few years ago.

Bob Brown Aug 18th, 2001 08:44 AM

There are several mountain villages that can be reached by train and cable lift south of Interlaken in drainage area for the Lütschinen streams. These are in no particular order: Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, and Mürren, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg, and Grosse Scheidegg. <BR>There are also limited accommodations at places along the rail and bus lines out from the main centers as well as some mountain hotels. <BR> <BR>I think the best views of the mountains in that area are from Mürren. Next would be Wengen. <BR>Grindelwald is the largest of the villages, in fact, Grindelwald is large enough to be a city when thousands of tourists throng the streets. <BR>Most of the apartment lessors want you to stay a week. Some of them might be more agreeable in late May, but I don't know that for a fact. <BR>I have rented an apartment in Lauterbrunnen directly from the owner for a week at a time. I have never asked if she would rent for less than a week. Logic dictates that if she had a unit open and no other customers in sight that she would agreeable. But I don't know that for sure. <BR>I personally prefer an apartment because of the kitchen facilities and the additional space. Usually the daily rate is cheaper because there is no room service. Some apartment owners tack on an extra fee for "final cleaning". <BR>But prorated over a week long stay, the amount is perhaps 8 francs a day. <BR> <BR>

Linda R. Aug 18th, 2001 10:30 AM

My husband and I and my parents stayed in Grindelwald this past May. We stayed at the Chalet Abendrot in an apartment for 4 days. It was a very nice apt. with 2 rooms, 1 1/2 baths and two balconys with great views. We had cloudy weather for the first 3 days with the clouds obscuring the tops of the mountains. When we went to the Schilthorn we passed through Mürren on the way and it was IN the clouds. I wouldn't have liked being in the clouds for 3 days with nothing to see! We really enjoyed Grindelwald and would go back again. At that time of the year, the streets are not thronged with tourists; we really had the town to ourselves. There were several restaurants open, most of the shops were open too. If you are interested in going into the mountains each day, travelling from Interlaken would take up a bit of your day. If you want more than a sleepy town, then maybe Interlaken would be for you. <BR> <BR>Linda R.

Diane Moll Aug 18th, 2001 01:19 PM

I agree with the previous poster. We also stayed at Chalet Abendrot - we probably had the same room. Two balconies with spectaular views, nice living area, two bedrooms 1-1/2 baths and small but nice kitchen. We will be returning to Grindelwald in May, 2002 for the last week, and unfortunately, that is the week the rates increase, but that is the time our schedule allowed us to be there. Only the lift up to First was open when we were there last year, but the other lift was due to open the last week in May, and maybe that is when the crowds start rolling in, but we found it a very pleasant area and easily accessible for day trips - Interlaken only about 30 minutes away by train. Please feel free to email me directly if I can help you further.

Bob Aug 18th, 2001 03:57 PM

Check this site we have stayed at the Hotel Cabana 3 times. All rooms have a great view.

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