Anyone driven from Seville to Ronda

Sep 5th, 2000, 01:44 PM
mary lewis
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Anyone driven from Seville to Ronda

Would like to fit a visit in to Ronda during our trip to Spain - would have to do so coming from Seville. Have only heard stories of the drive to Ronda from Marbella. Is the drive to Ronda from Seville on treacherous roads or is it doable for the average American driver?
Sep 5th, 2000, 01:57 PM
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Honestly not sure about the drive from Sevilla to Ronda, but have driven from Lisboa to Sevilla via Badajoz and the roads (in Spain) were very good, very "driveable".
Sep 5th, 2000, 05:44 PM
Monica Richards
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We drove from Ronda to Sevilla (well, actually from Arcos to Sevilla, but seeing as we'd been at Ronda the day before I feel I can comment). We went by way of Jerez, and there's a freeway from Jerez to Sevilla. The road from Ronda to Jerez is one lane each way, well paved, and not treacherous at all. You can read about our trip at
Sep 6th, 2000, 10:20 AM
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We recently drove from Seville to Ronda by way of Arcos. From Arcos you can take a well paved, two-way road as described by the previous writer. However, if you decide to take the interior route via Ubrique and Grazalema, there are some mountain passes that we were cautioned about. We ended up taking the direct "easy" route. Before taking our trip, I questioned Maribel (who not only knows everything about Spain but is so generous in sharing her vast knowledge) via this Forum and she gave me wonderful information regarding the route. I'll try to find my notes. Driving in Spain is good, with generally, well marked roads. Spanish drivers do drive with urgency and sometime impatience. Watch out for the police and speeding. According to information, fines can be heavy. If you're planning to drive from Ronda to the coast, be prepared for lots and lots of curves but excellent roads with extra lanes for passing etc. In the meantime -- WHERE IS MARIBEL?
Sep 6th, 2000, 02:24 PM
Monica Richards
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Oh yes, that lovely road through Ubrique and Grazelema. Didn't realize that could also get you to Sevilla. My husband thought it was great fun to take this at about 45 mph (should have been 25 mph). One lane switchbacks carved into the side of a mountain. Wouldn't recommend it!
Sep 6th, 2000, 07:22 PM
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After visiting Jerez and Arcos, we also took the scenic route to Ronda via Grazalema. It does involve mountain driving, with twists and turns, but is well worth it; the scenery along the way is fantastic. If you have any experience at all with mountain driving in the US, you shouldn't have too many problems with the mountain driving in Spain. The approach to Grazalema, coming from Arcos, is from the top -- first you see an array of white buildings and their rooftops and then eventually you're among them. Agree with earlier posts that the roads in Spain are good and drivable. It is a good idea to plan out and know your route in advance before setting out. Also have a recent map; some road numbers have changed within the past year.
Sep 8th, 2000, 09:59 AM
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mary lewis:
In late June I once again drove the route Marbella-Ronda-Arcos-Jerez-Sevilla in a far too large (for my tastes) Renault Elf (a sort of "mini" minivan). Although I wasn't in my usual comfy compact car, I found the 473 from San Pedro to Ronda to be in very good condition despite its serpentine nature. As DL has very wisely pointed out, be prepared for curves, curves and more curves, but the road is certainly wide enough to accomodate the large busses of day trippers from the coast, trucks and the rest of us folks. It took me about 1 and 1/2 hrs. (no more, perhaps less) to make our morning trip, and I would not characterize it as treacherous at all. Now, my travel companions would call the narrow and winding road we bravely took to Grazalema as somewhat treacherous, although it seemed rather easy to me compared to our white-knuckle experience on the "Puerto de Pajares" pass between Grazalema and Zahara. The latter drive is most definitely not for the faint of heart. Doable but not much "fun" unless you enjoy challenging mountain drives.

Hi DL! It's nice to be back. We just returned from our annual summer in
Spain with trips to Andalucia, the Basque Country, Castilla-Leon, Cantabria and Asturias (hiking in Picos de Europa). Wonderful adventures which I will try to share on this great Forum bit by bit. It will take a good long while to catch up on all that I missed here during my time away!

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