Anyone been to Oktoberfest?

Old Mar 27th, 1997, 10:29 AM
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Anyone been to Oktoberfest?

Planning a trip to Germany in Sept/Oct and wondering if it would be fun to get down to Munich for Oktoberfest? Is it mostly for tourists or locals? Would it be scary to go alone? Thanks for any info.
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Oktoberfest is a great time to visit Munchen! I was there last year for a couple of days. It allows for you to do some sightseeing/short-trip-out-of-town in the morning, then go to Oktoberfest for the afternoon and evening. You're guaranteed to meet lots of people, especially locals. It's a really fun time and a great way to come in contact with a different culture. Everyone is there to have an enjoyable time; I'm sure you wouldn't forget it!
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Oktoberfest is a great time. I was there in 1980. My parents went in 1996 and said is was very crowded. You have to be sitting at a table in order to get a beer. They were there on a weekend though. I suggest to go during the week. If a beer is not important to you then you can go anytime. Book early because hotels get taken fast. You may have to stay in Augsburg, Garmisch, or Nurenburg but trains a plentiful and frequent. Regardless of crowds, you'll have a good time.
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I was at Oktoberest last year (and probably this year) and it was my first trip abroad. We arrived in town on the Friday before and awoke to a beatiful parade. The beer tents are awesome although they do require some work. I recommend breaking up to 2-3 people to have the best chance at a seat. Also visit the castle and gardens north of the city.
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GO!!! I went by myself at 23 in 1970 and again by myself at 43 in 1990. It is wundebar. The suggestion not to go to the fairgrounds on the weekend is a good one. If you want to be there for the opening festivities which I believe is on a Saturday, visit other parts of friendly Munich on Sunday and Monday and hit the fairgrounds on Tuesday.

I have stayed at a small hotel near the train station in Munich on my last two visits. It is clean, safe and affordable. The name is the Kraft Hotel and I will try to find the address and/or phone number.

Of course, most German hotels include a hearty breakfast in the room rate. Fill up and take a piece of fruit or two with you and you can forget about lunch. There is also a very good and reasonably priced restaurant between the hotel and the train station (closer to the Hotel and I believe across the street) for dinner.

If I find the info on the hotel I will post it next week sometime.

I am sure you will love Germany - I do. The 1970 trip was my first to Europe and I have travelled through the country several times and love Munich (take a short train ride outside of town and go to the Nymphenburg Castle. One of the nicest with great grounds. Found this one on my second trip about 10 years ago.

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Oktoberfest is fun -lotsa beer, pretzles and "crazy" American marines who definetly know they're no where near mommy and daddy. If you've been to Europe before you might get bored after just a few hours. Munich is safe - im a 31 year old women, spent some time alone for a few days and it is very safe. Dont get "stuck" at Oktoberfest and miss what Munich is really all about. It is a charming city and the residents are very warm and friendly. Also, make sure that you visit the surrounding countryside - King Ludwig's castle and the storybook towns surrounding the castle (the castle is too difficult to spell - NEUSWEINSTIEN??)
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If you'll be in Germany in September you won't want
to miss Oktoberfest. It's the most fun you can have
in a tent! I've been many, many times and have
had a loads of fun each visit. There's a good mix
of locals and tourists from all over the world. It's
the easiest place in the world to meet people. If
you go alone, you won't be alone for long. Strike
us a conversation with the people at the table with
you (even if they don't speak the same language),
and you'll be fast friends before you finish your
first beer.

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I was at OKTODERFEST in '95 and had one of the best times of my life. I am a 22yr old female who was travelling with another female. Munich is a wonderful place to visit. It is very easy to get around and also safe. The atmosphere at OKTOBERFEST is electric, you really have to go. The whole place is buzzing with activity, there are people everywhere from all over the world. I'm sure you will have the time of your life and make many friends.

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