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Any One Ever Pay to Fly First Class to Europe?

Any One Ever Pay to Fly First Class to Europe?

Feb 8th, 2004, 08:06 AM
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mrwunrfl makes a good point about lounge access and while I'm a confirmed discount coach ticket buyer when it comes to spending my own money, I do allow myself the indulgence of a club membership. It's well worth the cost of a few hundred dollars a year.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 08:31 AM
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If I had the chance to fly Air Force One to Europe, or even an ordinary private jet, I'd take it in a minute, even if I had to mortgage my soul.

Somehow, though, I can't see spending 5 times as much for first class in a commercial jet. Which is just as well for my soul.

But mlc, I hope it isn't too hard a comedown for you when you rejoin the rest of us moo-ing away in cattle class the next flight after this one. That said, I hope you enjoy your flight.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 08:33 AM
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Having just flown 1st class roundtrip, I would fly coach on the way there, and then first class on the way back. On the way there, they feed you right away, and then most people sleep. On the way back, you'll be fed more. Besides, after being tired from your trip, first class is a nice luxury on the way home. Happy Anniversary.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 09:20 AM
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There is a reason that the price is low: it is not First Class. It must be what Continental calls "BusinessFirst".

From Seattle, you would fly to Newark. That would probably be a two class aircraft and the seats would be like international business class but not as good (this was my recent experience on United, anyway).

From Newark, in BusinessFirst, you will be in a seat that would be called business class on United. Here is the Continental seat:

Here is "United First" which I think is used domestically (and apparently on UA 767s).

Here is "United First Suite" on (at least some) international flights:

So, there is first class and then there is First Class. Be sure that you are getting what you are expecting.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 09:24 AM
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I don't go to Europe anymore unless I have enough FFM to go business/first. I think it is definitely worth every cent, just for the seat. I used a lot of my FFM for my daughter and her future husband for our upcoming trip, so I purchased my tickets coach and upgraded on Delta. The upgradable coach tickets were $1800/each. So, it sounds like you are getting a good price. I paid $3600 and used a lot of FFMs so to me it is way to go! The AXP deal tickets are full fare with the free companion ticket and when I checked into that a couple of years ago and they were more like $5,000 each. We also met some folks using that deal in Munich and one of them wanted to go home early because she was sick and she couldn't change the free companion return date.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 09:36 AM
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<...only people of a limited income would use the argument "think of what you could buy with the extra money.">

I guess I get your gist, NYC, -- but how many people actually have *unlimited* income?
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Feb 8th, 2004, 09:49 AM
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It's not crazy. By all accounts CO's FC is really good. You can see the food at www.airlinemeals.net and read about the seats at www.seatguru.com. Go for it.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 10:00 AM
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A possible alternative is to try to get bulkhead seats (which have more legroom) and splurge on hotels once you get there. After all, you'll be paying $3,500 to sit in a bigger armchair for 10 or 12 hours. That's $350/hour for a big chair. Of course, if there are physical or health issues, being taken care of (and possibly resting well) is priceless.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 10:08 AM
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KS452, it would be inappropriate to use the term "limited" versus "unlimited" here. As your income increases, the relevance of $2500 versus $750 changes. This doesn't mean that one must have "unlimited" income to justify and/or feel comfortable paying for a Business/First Class ticket. The only requirement is that you have more money.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 10:16 AM
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I can appreciate absolutkz logic but on a three class (777) aircraft I fly 1st class over. I like the luxury of hitting a button and my seat becoming a bed and arriving fresh. I come back in business since I seldom sleep returning from europe. The food in business and 1st class tastes the same to me just more expensive airplane food. mrwunrfl advise is right on if a seat/bed is not offered in 1st it's not worth the expense fly business.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 10:17 AM
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DVT syndrome can occur regardless of class of travel, proven in recent studies. Upgrade by all means for a treat, and additional comfort and service, but not at the expense of a better hotel/room/suite.
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Feb 8th, 2004, 10:35 AM
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Ooo, mrwunrfl, I flunk math, don't I?

Actually, for $60/hour, it seems well worth the money to fly first class. Thank you for changing my lifestyle!(Except that I seem to recall getting quotes of more like $5000 per ticket.)
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