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richardab Aug 18th, 2000 05:30 AM

Any good restaurant suggestiond for Alsace region of France?
I am going to travel the Route du Vin in Alsace next week. Does anyone have any good restaurant suggestions in Strasbourg, Colmar, Riqueihr, Ribeauville or surrounding villages?

Heather Aug 18th, 2000 06:06 AM

Hello! Glad you decided on Alsace ... you'll have a great trip. Don't forget to post your trip report.

Christine Aug 18th, 2000 07:42 AM

Check out the great article on Alsace in the July/August issue of National Geographic Traveler or check the website. Tons of dining and wine route suggestions. <BR> <BR>I'll be visiting Alsace next month and am planning on dining at the Michelin 3- star (33 years running) Auberge de I'lll in Illhaeusern near Colmar.

Ellen Aug 18th, 2000 08:29 AM

I will be in the Alsace region this Sept. and too was getting opinions on restaurants etc. Here is what I have collected as comments from others: <BR> <BR>Strasbourg: Zum Strissel (moderate), Chez Yvonne (moderate), Au Crocodile (first class and expensive) <BR> <BR>Colmar: Le Marcheral (expensive), <BR> <BR>Riquewihr: Restaurant in hotel Schoenberg (expensive but still a very good value) <BR> <BR>Ottrot: Ami Fitz (moderate). <BR> <BR>Bon Appetit. Good thing I'm dieting in advance! <BR>Ellen

richardab Aug 18th, 2000 09:38 AM

Thanks everyone! <BR> <BR>Ellen, I will give you my choices when I return! <BR> <BR>I am staying at the Hotel Marechal in Colmar and they offer 2 nights dinner with the room rate i am paying. Their restaurant is suppose to be good. Although I'd rather eat at other restaurants it will be a good choice for the first and last night at the hotel. The Marechal requires at least 2 meals in their restaurant with a 4 night stay. It a bit of blackmai,l but the hotel is suppose the be the nicest in Colmar. <BR> <BR>I am staying in the Hotel de Rohan in Strasbourg if anyone cares. <BR> <BR>This will be a long trip for me I eave on Aug 22nd and return on Sept 5. I am also going to London (staying at the Metropolitan) and Paris (staying at the Le Grand Intercontinental). The first part of the trip is on business and we eat and stay in all the best places! Nothing like spending money on the company!

kam Aug 18th, 2000 10:21 AM

The Hotel Le Marechal is well worth a stay and two meals in the restaurant. We also stayed at the Des Rohan. As you exit the hotel, turn left toward the cathedral and on the left side of the street is a very small restaurant that has a menu posted--go there for a "tarte flambee" for lunch with a nice glass of wine. And, for dinner the Maison Kammerzell probably more for the decor than for food, but the food is good as well. In Ribeauville is Au Zahnacker which is a friendly little "winstub" with inexpensive(since you will no longer be living off your company's dime) and authentic Alsace food. In Colmar we also liked Maison des Tetes. Expect it to be pretty crowded on the wine route and so plan accordingly as to driving times.

Anna Aug 18th, 2000 10:27 AM

We will be staying in Colmar for 2 nights in September. We also would like to eat at Auberge de I'lll in Illhaeusern, are jackets required for men? We hadn't planned on packing one for my husband and I hate to bring one along for one dinner.

richardab Aug 18th, 2000 01:04 PM

I don't eat anywhere that has a dress code!

RJD Aug 18th, 2000 03:30 PM

What a pity.

betsy Aug 18th, 2000 03:34 PM

Richard <BR> <BR>Before you head south to the Route du Vin, go a few miles north of Strasbourg to Burestubel in Pfulgriesheim. Closed Mon/Tues. 03 88 20 01 92. You won't be sorry. <BR> <BR>Bon Appetit

robin Aug 19th, 2000 05:44 AM

I am going to Alsace next month, I will watch this post too!

steve Aug 19th, 2000 06:03 AM

We were in Strasbourg last summer and had a very nice dinner at Chez Yvonne. It has been written up in a number of publications and is quite popular so you might have your hotel make a reservation for you.

AHamel Aug 19th, 2000 03:28 PM

<BR>In Colmar try Caveau Hansai also known as Chez Hansai for authentic Alsace cuisine at very moderate prices==also a nicd ambience <BR> <BR>AHamel

Ellen Aug 22nd, 2000 02:25 PM

To the top for Steve! <BR>Maybe Richard now will see this message and remember to give us a report! <BR>Elle

CB Aug 29th, 2000 11:37 AM

There are several nice Winestubes around the main square in Strasbourg. Maison Kammerzell is quite good too. FOr a nice micro-brewery, try O'Neals close to main square.

topper Aug 30th, 2000 06:19 AM


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