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Patty Oct 29th, 2000 10:54 AM

Any comments on Europe Saint-Severin in the Quartier Latin, Paris? Twin room?
I found this hotel on but not any comments on this forum. Any comments would be appreciate. Also, am I correct in assuming that a "twin room" means two seperate single beds? If so, why does it seem that the "twin" rooms are more reasonable than the "double", of what I'm assuming to be one bed for two? How does one ask for two beds for two? Thanks.

Patrick Oct 29th, 2000 01:14 PM

I don't want this to sound sarcastic, but the best way to ask is to simply say you want "two beds for two people". It really is that simple. We always do and they haven't failed us yet. You are generally correct in assuming that a twin room should have two twin beds, but a double room can be a room with one bed that two people can squeeze into, or could be two single beds pushed together to make one, or pulled apart to make two.

Patty Oct 30th, 2000 10:05 AM

Patrick <BR>Thank you for your reply. I do know how to ask for "two beds for two" but the form left no room for comments only a list to choose from and that was my concern. <BR>Thanks.

love2trvl Oct 30th, 2000 10:29 AM

Hi Patty; <BR>I was confused about the twin, double, etc. <BR>After a lot of clarification I now know that a double is a double bed or two twin beds pushed together meaning two people want to use it. Twin is two separate beds (though not necessarily twin beds)and a single is for one person (but again not necessarily a twin bed) Confused?? <BR>I always ask for a twin room. Only one time in Edinburgh was I given one bed. Trip to reception took care of that no problem. When I confirm my reservation before I leave the US, I reiterate this information and very rarely have a problem. <BR>Are you doing this by E-Mail? If so, when you receive your confirmation, reply back with your specific requests. Again, never had a problem. Have a wonderful time in Paris!

elaine Oct 30th, 2000 10:42 AM

I usually follow Patrick's procedure to avoid any misunderstanding. <BR>I ask for "a room with two beds for two people" or "a room with one bed for two people" <BR>But Patty, you're right, on a checklist I too would assume that a twin room would mean two beds, of whatever size. <BR>Why that is less or more expensive than a room with one bed depends on any of several factors. It is possible that all the "twin" rooms have showers but not tubs, or that they are all on the top floor and there's no elevator or that all the twin rooms are smaller than the other rooms, or any of several other unknowns.

Christina Oct 30th, 2000 02:25 PM

I wouldn't think it necessary to ask for a room with two beds for two people, although it can't hurt; the term twin beds is very common in French hotel lingo everywhere I've been (twin beds is "lits jumeaux" and I don't think that can possibly mean anything else; for two persons is "pour deux personnes"; room with two beds is "chambre deux lits"). Anyway, I think what Elaine said is possible, that all the twin rooms are inferior to the doubles, but I suspect the prices on that site are wrong, either typos or switched. I saw this same hotel elsewhere and the rates were 590F for a double and 690F for a twin, which makes more sense. A twin room would have to mean two beds, but a double room could mean either a double bed or twins as in that sense it just means double occupancy. That location is very near the Seine, just off bd St-Michel and a very hectic tourist area; some people like that, some don't. I don't know anything in particular about that hotel, it doesn't look like anything special in its photos, even for a two-star, but it's your choice on that.

bt Oct 30th, 2000 03:53 PM

Patty, <BR>If a standup shower is your preference, need to be very specific. <BR>Remember "Run of the house" means take whatever we have available.

Patty Oct 31st, 2000 05:59 PM

Thanks to all of your replys and Christina, I think I'll persue one of the other hotels raved about on this site. Thanks to all. Patty

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