Any Americans been to German Casino?

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Any Americans been to German Casino?

I'd like to hear from any American that has been to both an American casino and a German casino.
I attempted to go to the Baden-Baden Casino, but was intimidated by its ellaborate exterior appearance. I didn't even make it inside. I got the impression that you have to be dressed nicely and have alot of money to spend. Not like our American casinos at all. Is my impression correct?
Also, do they have the same games as we do (slot machines, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, etc.)? What are the typical minimum bets?

Thanks for your help,
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no´s forbidden the acess to Americans in german casinos, unless they use traditional german clothing
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My husband and I have been to casinos in Germany, Austria and Monaco. (husband likes to play James Bond .
They are definately NOT Las Vegas, husband always wears a suit and tie and I wear a nice dress.
If you dress up you won't feel intimidated, by all the old money walking around and the people dripping with antique jewels, or the young jet setters with 20,000 plaques!(it's actually part of the experience, to see all these fabulous people).
However, we never have more then... if you can believe this... $50.00 USD or so to play with, ( I don't gamble) and some casinos charge an entrance fee.
We always are polite and keep a low profile and have, without exception been treated with courtesy, kindness and respect by every single person we've ever encountered at a casino no matter how fancy!
Yes it's kind of intimidating to go up to the cashier with your 50 marks or whatever and get them changed, especially since the people infront of you have stacks upon stacks of bills, but you get over it once you go out and slap your little chips onto the roulette table.
Husbands plays roulette and 21..(vint-te un (sp?) they also have the really high end games you would expect (bacarrat) , and I do believe that they have slots, but unlike Vegas they are tucked in a corner, mostly for tourists and definately NOT featured.
Also, they don't shower you with free drinks like they do in Vegas, nice bars mostly.
According to my husband you won't have any problem finding affordable tables,,, he can't remember seeing any craps.
My husband actually prefers the casinos of Europe, though we are definately budget travellers.. just dress appropriately and they do treat you very nicely.
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We went to a German casino (Spielbank) in Lindau, Germany about 2 weeks ago. No dress code for the slot machines -- but men had to be in coat and tie to get on the floor where there were blackjack and roulette (the only 2 games offered). You could rent a coat and tie and get your $$ back whenever you returned the coat. The atmosphere was very, very subdued -- not loud like in Vegas. No free drinks either! Most of the slots were in German -- just a few had English instructions. It cost about 5 deutschmarks to get in on blackjack and roulette. We had a good time though it WAS very, very different than Vegas.
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Kym, in Baden-Baden at least 1/3 of the patrons don't bet anything at all! We were in this category. Husband rented a jacket from the casino (could have rented a tie as well, but he brought his own.) Other than that he wore his black dockers, black walking shoes, and a plain shirt. I just wore a sundress and sandals.

In the part we were in there weren't any slot machines, though I understand they were available. Plenty of Blackjack, Roulette, something called 'Chemin de Fer' (you can tell I don't go to casinos a lot) craps, and poker. I'm sorry, I can't remember the minimum bet - but it didn't seem too outrageous (10 DM?) sorry I can't help you more, we went to people watch and admire the interior.
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Hi, Kym, if you play slot machines in the U.S., try them in Europe. We played some in Switzerland and assume that Germany would have similar ones. Anyway, they are not mindless machines like the ones in the U.S., because if you "hit" something you're prompted to do something else or lose what you won. Personally, they were too confusing for me and I quickly lost money. But my husband had some good luck. I think it's a fun experience for any slot player, and gives you something to talk about back home. The machines we played were probably comparable to $1 slots. Allow yourself about $20 to give it a shot.

By the way, in both Interlaken and Lucerne there was no dress problem in the slots area during the daytime. Don't know how it would be at night.

I hope you'll post your experience if you ever go back to a European casino. Thank you!

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