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tuscanlifeedit May 27th, 2018 05:23 PM

Another FCO > Termini question
My neighbors are flying to Rome, this Tuesday night. There are 5 adults and they aren't packing light. They plan to get an Uber at FCO but I'm thinking that for five with luggage, they'd do better to get a car service or large taxi. I don't even know if there are larger Uber rides in Rome. Is there Uber X/XL servicing FCO?

Any feedback or advice? I had suggested a car service when they started planning but they weren't open to that or the Leonardo Express but I think at his point they might appreciate a name. They're headed to Naples from Termini.

whitehall May 27th, 2018 07:48 PM

Trip Advisor lists 277 transportation services in Rome. We have used Civitavecchia Express Shuttle which ranks 16 out of 277. They operate between FCO and Termini. We found them to be top notch and professional and they operate minivans that would work. There also are desks for shuttle services at FCO, where we were able to negotiate a good price last fall, and they put us in a shuttle instantly.

I have heard that Uber is often more expensive than regular taxis in Rome.

HappyTrvlr May 28th, 2018 02:31 PM

In Rome, taxis have a flat rate. We used a driver service and it was about the same price as a taxi.
I also heard Uber was more expensive in Rome but didn't actually check.

Dayle May 31st, 2018 02:46 AM

Hi tuscan,

on a different note, I sure would love to see a TR from you for your recent Sicily trip! Hint, hint, not a hint is it?

rbciao47 May 31st, 2018 07:51 AM

IMHO, I would use a car service. We've used for years and have been quite pleased with their service. Since there are five people and they did not pack light, Roma Shuttle would provide a van instead of using multiple vehicles. Their fees are very competitive and split fives would make a good price per person.

Buon viaggio,

TDudette May 31st, 2018 08:57 AM

Shuttle service or just take 2 cabs?

rbciao47 May 31st, 2018 12:12 PM

A shuttle service could be cheaper than two cabs.

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