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Animal Disease Outbreaks - Is Expensive Paris Dinner Still Enjoyable?

Animal Disease Outbreaks - Is Expensive Paris Dinner Still Enjoyable?

Mar 5th, 2001, 07:20 AM
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Animal Disease Outbreaks - Is Expensive Paris Dinner Still Enjoyable?

I am going to Paris in April and am planning to have a couple of meals at some of the famous (albeit touristy) restaurants (e.g. Tour d'Argent, etc.). We made reservations, despite being warned that they are tourist traps, because we thought it would be fun to just go and be tourists. Now with the outbreak of hoof and mouth disease in the UK and with the specter of Mad Cow, I am wondering whether eating in restaurants like these will be enjoyable since the meals are so elaborate you never know exactly what ingredients are in the food. I am not a picky eater at all but do want to avoid beef and maybe pork or lamb products too, depending on what happens over the next several weeks. Has anyone been to any of this type of restaurant in Paris (e.g. Guy Savoy, Taillevant, ...) very recently? Was it difficult to watch what you ate? Were you made to feel uncomfortable if you asked what was in the dish or how it was made? Do you think the menu has changed at all to cater to this concerns. Thanks for your help!
Mar 5th, 2001, 09:52 AM
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Please please don't panic unnecessarily. Whilst many people have obvious concerns about Mad Cow Disease, Foot and Mouth is a very different story. For one thing, it is presently a problem in the UK, not France. For another, Foot and Mouth is NOT a disease which can be contracted by humans. It is actually not the devastating plague on hoofed animals everyone thinks it is either. It is similar to a cold or flu, stopping the animals eating, which means they don't put on weight. It is therefore fan ECONOMIC disaster for the farming industry, not a health concern for humans. In fact, most animals would recover from the disease if allowed to run its course, but it is so contagious that it can't be allowed to spread.

It is really pointless to stop eating pork or lamb as well as beef.

But if you insist, you could always order fish.
Mar 5th, 2001, 11:24 AM
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Sam: If you intend to go to top places like Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, etc. you better book NOW (especially if its for dinner and over Easter). Everybody seems to go to Paris in April...
Mar 5th, 2001, 12:53 PM
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For certain reason, I always eat at Tour d'argent once every time I go to Paris(last time was last Oct.) they are famous for the duck, so, you don't have to worry about F&M, because it doesn't affact birds. I have tried quite a few those restaurants through out France, I never found any meal being so elaborate that I couldn't tell what I ate.Just read the menus and ask questions,and if concerned about meat, you could alway try seafood.(even F&M doesn't affact people).Those restaurants even some are a bit touristy, most of the time, you could get really good meals with interesting presentation. I think you would enjoy it,
Mar 5th, 2001, 05:40 PM
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I have had both the foot in the mouth disease and mad cow disease and let me tell you
they are not fun.
If you get foot in the mouth disease it prevents you from staying in the rue Cler area of Paris which to Fodorites is a fate worse than intelligence
If you get mad cow then even worse you cant stay at the two bit seedy rick steves hotel Champs du Mars---which is unimaginable since that would mean you might have to have an original thought
Oh why do the wrong people travel?
Mar 6th, 2001, 01:16 AM
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I've had chicken in France - prepared wonderfully! I'd stay away from the beef, but I've started staying away from beef here in the US for about the last 2.5 years too - luckily, I live in a place where there's great pasta and seafood!
Mar 6th, 2001, 01:25 AM
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Can't tell beef from duck?
Stick to flame grilled troll.
Mar 8th, 2001, 12:12 PM
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Thank you to all who responded helpfully to my email. You don't need to read any further as I don't want you to waste your time.

As for Ivan and the other moron who responded rudely, I have two question: (1) do you have anything better to do with your time than respond rudely to messages on this board (e.g. have a job or a family or friend to talk to); and (2) are you so sophisticated and worldly that you are unaware that many restaurants of the caliber I refer to use ingredients like cow membrane (if you do not believe me this specific example was in the NY Times Dining Out section a couple weeks ago), beef stock, and reconstituted fats to enhance and preserve flavor. I am not concerned about mistaking duck for lamb but it is reasonable to avoid beef products that may be hidden in any dish.

I also find it interesting that the most critical and generally ignorant people are those "advising" others not to travel. If only other intelligent, liberal minded people like yourself traveled wouldn't we all be better off.

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