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Andalucia - Food Vocabulary - suggestions, corrections?

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Hello all,

In preparation for a trip to Andalucia this fall, I have been collecting food words and terms from Fodor Forum trip reports and other sources. Some of these words have different meanings in the north of Spain. I am posting this because it might be helpful to others and also because I am welcoming additions and corrections. Gracias!
* * * * *
AjoBlanco Malagueno: cold almond garlic soup
Alboronia: vegetable medley—eggplant, squash, tomatoes, green peppers
Alcachofas con jamon: artichoke hearts with ham
Alcaparras = capers
Alinado = seasoned
Almeja = clam
Almejas Salteadas, tiny clams
Almoja’bana: a Moorish cheesecake
Alubias con cordoniz = hearty white bean stew with partridge
Anchoa = anchovy
Anguila = eel
Angula = small eel
Arroz caldoso: a soupy kind of paella
Asado = roasted
Aseos: toilets
Avellana = hazelnut
Bellota = acorn (as in Iberica Bellota ham and pork)
Berberechos – heart clams
Besugo voraz = like tilapia?
bocadillo = sandwich; usually of Serrano ham & manchego cheese, or maybe calamari
bogavanta = lobster
bolo = muffin or a shellfish like a clam
bomboncillo de pollo = nuggets of chicken
boniato = sweet potato
boquerones: fried fish or simply anchovies
brandada = brandade, a kind of stack of sautéed or raw things
brasa, a la brasa = grilled
breua = chopped chicken, Moroccan spices, baked in puff pastry
busanos = small conch
caballa = mackerel
cabracho = a kind of red fish; very good fried
caldoso de bogavante = a soupy paella with lobster
Camarones = small shrimp
cana (with tilde) = a small beer
carabinero = shrimp, prawn
caracol = snail
carrillera = cheek
Carrillada de Jabalí – cheek of boar
Carrillada iberica = pork cheeks
Carrillera = cheek
Carrillera de ternera = veal cheek
Cazon = dogfish, rock salmon
centolla = crab
cerdo = pork
chipirones = small squid
chirivia = parsnip
chistorra = dry cured pork sausage, like chorizo but skinnier; from Navarra
chocos con habas = cuttlefish cooked with beans, white wine, & bay leaves
chopitos a la plancha = grilled baby squid, usually with a garlicky oil sauce
choquitos = same as chopitoas = baby squid
choto al ajillo: kid goat braised in white wine and garlic
chuletas de cordero = lamb chops
cigala = small lobster
Cochinillo: baby suckling pig
Cogollos de Tudela con ventresca = hearts of romaine lettuce with white fish meat
Colitas de Rape – hake with sauce
Conchas finas = raw shellfish with lemon juice
Coquinas = small clam
Cordera = lamb
Corvine = a kind of fish
Costillas ibericas = ribs
Cremoso = mousse
Crujiente = crunchy
Cuchara del dia: “spoon” of the day, dish of the day
Cuchifritos = fried pigs ears
Embutidos = cured meats
Encurtido = pickled
Enebro = juniper
Eneldo = dill
Ensaladilla de la casa = a mayonnaise and potato based salad often with smoked fish
Escabeche = pickle
Flamenquin: = croquette-like ham and cheese item
Gambas = large shrimp
Gambas al pil pil = (Basque) sizzling shrimp with garlic, usually served at the table in a little pan
Guisado – stew
Gula = tiny baby eel
Habas = lima beans
Habitas con jamon: broad beans sautéed with a little ham
Hierebabuena = mint
Hojaldre = puff pastry
Hortaliza = vegetables
Huevos a la flamenco = eggs baked in casserole with ham and chorizo
Jamon de Trevelez: ham from a region where they cure it in caves
Jibia = cuttlefish
Langostino = langoustine, very large shrimp
Leche manchada = a little espresso with a lot of milk
Lechon = pork
Lenguado = sole
Llama, a la llama = grilled, charred
***Lomo de bellota = dry cured pork loin
***Lomo embuchada = dry cured pork loin
***Lomo iberico = cured pork loin
Magro = pork
Manchada = coffee with a lot of milk
Manitas Deshuesadas (Pigs' trotters deboned)
Mejillones: mussels
Membrillo = quince
Merluza = hake
Migas = crumbs of bread
Montadito = small bite-size sandwiches, usually open-faced
Morcilla = blood pudding
Mosto = a light grape-based juice served in a tall glass, often with an orange slice.
Mostrador = counter
Navajas: razor clams
Necora = small crab
Ostra = oyster
Palomita = popped corn kernel, or toasted hominy kernel
Pato a la Sevillana = duck cooked slowly with onions, leeks, carrots, bay leaves and sherry
Pepinillo = gherkin
Percebes = goose barnacles
Perdices: baked potatoes Seville-style; also the word for partridges
Peregrina al pil pil = shark served sizzling with garlic, usually served at the table in a little pan
Pescaito frito: fried little fish
Pijotilla = small hake
Pil pil = served sizzling with garlic, served at the table in a little pan
Pinchito moruno: little skewers of chicken or beef usually
Pinchos morunos: lamb or beef skewers
Piononos: dessert of sponge cake, cream, cinnamon, burnt sugar
Pipirrana de gambas = cold salad of tomato and onion and pepper with shrimp
Pisto = vegetable stew
Planta superior – top floor
Pluma iberica = part of pork loin
Pochas con hongos: small white beans with mushrooms
Porra: a dip
Porra antequerana = sort of a thick gazpacho but with a base of oil-soaked bread crumbs, with chopped hard boiled eggs, ham, and tuna placed on top (separately, not all mixed together)
Presa de iberico = finest cut of pork, part of the loin
Puchero = stew
Puerro = leek
Puntillita = small squid, usually fried
Quisquillas: small shrimp
Rabano = radish
Rabo de toro: bull tail stew
Raciones (around €6–12) are simply bigger plates of tapas, perfect for sharing or enough for a meal – you’re sometimes asked if you want a tapa or a ración of whatever it is you’ve chosen.
Rape = monkfish, anglerfish
Rebozado = battered
Rehogado = sauteed
Remojon: salad of cod, oranges, black olives, onions & tomatoes
Remolacha = beet
Repollo = cabbage
Revuelto de gambas y ajetes = a plate of sautéed (?) shrimp and garlic
Roteña = Rota style = cooked with tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, parsley, potatoes, sherry, olive oil
Rubio = a kind of red fish? Very good fried
Salchichas = sausages
Salmonetes: red mullet with white flesh
Salmorejo = thick kind of gazpacho with bread crumbs, chopped hard boiled eggs, ham
Salpicon de mariscos: cold seafood salad
Salteado de arroz con hongos: rice with mushrooms
Sarten = pan; potato balls
Secreto iberico = excellent cut of meat from Iberian pigs
Sepionet = cuttlefish

Setas – mushrooms
Solomillo de buey = beef or pork filet (or ox)…grilled or smoked or air cured
Solomillo de ternera = beef or pork tenderloin…grilled or smoked or air cured
Surtido (in Cordoba, elsewhere?) : an assortment; a platter of different types of jamon and chorizo
Surtido de pan = bread basket
Tinto de la casa: house wine
Tocino de cielo = like flan
Torta de Santiago, an almond cake layered with berry jam
Torta de camarones = fritter filled with tiny whole shrimp
Tortilla de Sacromonte: STAY AWAY! Original version has brains and testicles
Trigo = wheat
Trigueros = as in esparragos trigueros: white-ish thin asparagus with delicate taste
Uvas pasas = raisins
Vermu de grifo = vermouth on tap
Vieiras = scallops

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