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Challiman Aug 3rd, 2008 02:07 PM

Amsterdam to Paris via???
We arrive in Amsterdam Oct. 16, depart Paris Oct. 29. We are working on the route and mode of transportation. We'd like to see Delft, Bruges, Brussels, Bastogne (we have a guide for the WWII sites for the 21 or 22)and arrive in Paris on the 23 or so. I've been to Amsterdam before, husband has not, and we've both been to Paris. Our confusion is train travel, which I know has been done to death here. We did trains last trip, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if we should leave Amsterdam and go to Delft for one night, then to Bruges, one night, Brussels one or two nights (for the WWII sites) or possibly skip Brussels and stay in Bastogne, probably two nights, then on to Paris for the remainder. We'd prefer not to move so many times, but can't figure out if a day trip from Amsterdam to Delft would make more sense, followed by day trips from Brussels to Bruges and Bastogne. We will each have one 21 in. suitcase and one backpack, so dealing with luggage is an issue. We could solve it all by driving, but after several driving experiences in Europe we'd prefer not to do so in the larger cities. So, suggestions are anticipated and appreciated.

MyriamC Aug 3rd, 2008 02:29 PM

From Amsterdam to Delft is an easy daytrip by train (1 hour each way).
From Amsterdam to Brussels would be the most logical 'cause you can do this on the direct intercity train. Journey takes less than 3 hours.
Then, from Brussels to Brugge is also an easy daytrip (1 hour each way).
From Brussels to Bastogne will take just under 3 hours one way. Must be doable if you take an overnight there.
If you want to travel from Bastogne to Paris, you will always have to go through Brussels (or Lille) again. It's a long journey of about 5 hours involving 2 or 3 changes.

In brief:
Stay in Amsterdam and daytrip to Delft.
Train from Amsterdam to Brussels.
Stay in Brussels and daytrip to Brugge.
Train from Brussels to Bastogne - stay overnight and back to Brussels the next day.
Train (high speed Thalys) from Brussels to Paris.

You can check timetables on

Challiman Aug 13th, 2008 08:21 AM

Need help finding day trip tours to WW I sites in Flanders. I can't seem to find any from Brussels. We were hoping to use Brussels as a base and not change hotels so often. I see plenty from Bruges and other Flanders locations, so if we have to change hotels we will. Any ideas?
Also, a BIG thank you to MyriamC for the information.

PalenQ Aug 13th, 2008 11:43 AM for high-speed Thalys trains between Brussels and paris

but you can avoid these often more pricey trains with a Byzantine pricing structure similar to airlines by going from Bruges via Lille, France to paris - a fairly normal fare structure so if you wait until Bruges to buy your ticket you will pay normal price - on Thalys if you wait you can pay literally a hundred dollars or more than by doing cheaper advance fares far in advance - locking you into a certain, etc and not usually changeable.

PalenQ Aug 16th, 2008 08:46 AM

With such a wide-ranging travel you may want to consider looking at the Benelux railpass, good for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg - it's a five day flexipass (out of a 1-month period - any five calendar days for unlimited travel anywhere in these three countries) - you can hop on any train anytime except the Thalys train, which you need not take, esp if you go Bruges-Lille-Paris. For lots of train travel in Benelux and passes i always refer two fine sources that give lots of objective info in addition to pass prices and an add to cart button: and - the latter lets you download their free European Planning & Rail Guide that is a great primer on using European trains and has a chapter on Benelux by train. You may not need the railpass but if the fares are anywhere close to the pass price then go for the pass - just hop on trains unlimited for that calendar day.

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