Amsterdam Bike Tours

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Amsterdam Bike Tours

Has anyone had any experience with the Amsterdam Bike Tours? Would it be better to just rent a bike and discover the city or county on our own? Should we book the tour in advance, or wait until we arrive in Amsterdam? We will be spending a long weekend in Amsterdam prior to a Rhine River cruise.
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To me riding a bike in Amsterdam can be dangerous unless you take time to learn the rules of the bike paths and avoid rush hours - this is like going into the Indy 500 without a clue.

IMO bike riding is best done in places like Vondel Park and then out into the envrions but not in the city.

Tours may be different as they know the bike ways that are best and you will not end up falling over tram tracks, etc.
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you can easily rent bikes once you are there.
riding in amsterdam was comfortable to me because there is just that many bikes, they own the road. pedestrians and cars (what few cars there are) stay out of your way. the roads are nice and flat, and plenty of space for the most part.
a not to be missed experience in amsterdam!
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Look at statistics for bicycle accidents in Amsterdam and you may rethink you plans to ride there - especially as novices - better to go with the auspices of a group tour IMO
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You can find self-directed bike tours from info supplied by the VVV or Tourist Office - with maps showing how to get out of the city and then do a bit of country biking

For one you can hop the free bike/pedestrain ferries from behind the main train station and on the other side head for Holysloot - going along dykes and thru polders.

My favorite country ride would be to go to Haarlem - 20 mins by train from Amsterdam and rent a bike there at the train station and hop over to the VVV or Tourist Office where you can pick up a detailed map with bike routes indicated on it and pedal thru the flower fields to Lisse and Leiden - about 15 miles in all i think - put your bike and you on a train to return to Haarlem. There are flowers all thru the season.
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We did 2 bike tours with Mike's Bikes and had a great time - we did the city tour and the countryside tour. Definitely recommend their tours.

The warnings about riding in traffic are well-founded. We didn't have any trouble with it, but there were some people on our tour that did. No injuries, thank goodness, but one person did crash into another cyclist. The tour guides do a good job of picking good routes, but with the city tour you can't help but be in traffic sometimes.
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Watch out for trams and tram rails. Many an inexperienced Amsterdam cyclist comes a cropper. Also be really careful at traffic lights - watch out for lorries and do not assume it is safe to go up the inside of them just because you are on the bike lane. If the lorry can't see you you could end up under it.
There is far more traffic in the city centre than other posters suggest, plus lots of road works and lane closures at the moment.
There are lots of unwritten rules to cycling in Amsterdam and you can seriously annoy the locals if you unwittingly break them.
Remember too that bike helmets are not worn.
Whilst as a cyclist you are protected to a certain extent under Dutch law if you are deemed to have been wreckless you can still be in trouble as an adult.

I think a bike tour would probably be the more relaxed, less nervewracking way for a novice to go.

Or head out of Amsterdam and cycle through the countryside, which is safer, and much much nicer.
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You should take a bike tour with Bike Tour Amsterdam. First you learn about how to cycle in Amsterdam, because if you are not used to it, it can be dangerous.

And after the intro you have a very nice city tour. You see the city from a different point of view and the tour guides do a good job of picking good routes, witch are not to crowded.

Definitely recommend the tours of Bike Tour Amsterdam.
You also drive on typical Amsterdam bike's witch is a nice fact.
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last post does not pass the smell test.
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I cycled alone through Amsterdam which I found easy (MacBikeHire). I kept my wits about me as you would in any town or city. I followed the river Amstel to Oudekerk and then did a loop around the polders. It was fine and once a little way out of the city was positively peaceful. I am not an experienced cyclist by any means!
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PalenQ: I live in Amsterdam and I did this tour with some friends who live in the east of the Netherlands. I don't see whats wrong with my post.
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