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Candian Whatever

Nope, have you ever been down south??????????????

I'm sure your a nice person, but you say something stupid and I will answer with something stupid, now isn't that stupid, oh well.

See ya later
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American, the question about up north was not directed at you, it was directed at Mike. Mike has an interest in Inuit art. He has already said he has been to Canada, and I was asking whether he had been "up North" where the Inuits for the most part live.

Now, when you say south, what do you mean? Southern Manitoba? Yes, quite lovely. Especially like Morden. All are welcome to the Corn and Apple Festival this August. Quite the hoot. Do you mean south, like Cuba? Yes, I was there in January. Ever been. Oh, that's right, no americanos in Cuba. Do you mean the deep south, like New Orleans. Nope, but do plan to do someday. Please clarify "south".
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Canadian: Although it seemed like a long way from home to me, I'm sure I haven't been what would be considered "up North" by Canadian standards. My current high-water marks are (west to east) Calgary, Moosonee, and Goose Bay. I keep thinking about a fishing trip to somewhere in the Great Slave Lake area, or - really in my dreams - driving the highway to Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, but may run out of time in this life.

American: Please cut it out, you're embarassing the rest of us.
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Mike: Farthest north I've been is in my province, Manitoba, and that was to a town called Leaf Rapids, which is north of Thompson, Manitoba. Gravel road from Thompson to Leaf. VERY cold swimming in August. wouldn't call it swimming. More like jumping in and out. Great fishing. We were on this huge lake where there were only 7 cabins, and that is all that have been allowed to build there. The landscape is amazing. Would like to go to Churchill, but I hear it is really expensive.
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Canadian: Sounds like a nice place to be - I'm about 35 miles outside Boston and, while it has its advantages, I often envy the access to the outdoors you have. I was soooo close to retiring to Montana and fly-fishing my way through the rest of my life and then the stock market tanked, so I guess I'll just stay here for a while.

This north/south thing is all relative. When I was on that trip to Moosonee, which was my furthest north anywhere at the time, I met a young Cree lady from somewhere up near Churchill who was headed to Timmins for a vacation (?!) and Moosonee was her furthest south. That was over 30 years ago and I still get a chuckle out of it.

Now I have to go drag the atlas out so I can see where you are!
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I truly don't care if I'm embarassing you. This whole subject is just for fun and I will say whatever I want.

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