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Tara Jul 17th, 2001 11:08 AM

Amalfi Drive and Capri
Does anyone know approximately how long it takes to do the amalfi drive. We are hoping to do both that and a quick trip to Capri in one day. We will have about 10 hours.

Myer Jul 17th, 2001 11:23 AM

If you are starting in Sorrento, you'll have to go to Capri first (boats stop early). Obviously get the first boat. <BR>Don't do the Blue Grotto. IMO just a waste of time and you don't have it. <BR>Take the funicular up to the town and walk around for a few hours. You can go to some of the beautiful sights. <BR>Come back by 1: or 1:30 and you should have time for the drive. You may not have time to go past Positano but this is just a taste. <BR>

ohoh Jul 17th, 2001 11:23 AM

Coming from.....???? You could do a daytrip leaving from Sorrento in the AM, get back (go on your own DON'T waste time on a packaged tour) around 2PM and drive all the way to Salerno -- take the A3 back to....?????

jim Jul 17th, 2001 12:01 PM

As before mentioned, go to Capri in the morning. Take the bus to Anna Capri and the lift to the top of the Island. Very beautiful. <BR> <BR>The Almalfi drive is absolutely beautiful and fun. A lot of it looks the same so you will still have a flavor for it in just a small trip. I would not recommend driving it at night.

az Jul 17th, 2001 02:05 PM

Tara: <BR>Where do you want to start and where do you want to finish?? Difficult to provide suggestions w/o this info.

D. Jul 17th, 2001 10:28 PM

take the ferry from capri to sorrento then do the's a windy road and depending on traffic you can make the drive from sorrento to Naples in about an hour..but would want to spend at least 10 hours there....

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