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Jay Frank Jan 22nd, 1998 03:43 AM

Alsace Feedback Wanted
In response to a question regarding possible day trips out of Strasbourg, more than one individual mentioned Colmar. I'd appreciate seeing more on this area. I would also like to hear from anyone who has toured Haut-Koenigsbourg (near Selestat). Was it worth the trip? Are there organized tours out of Strasbourg? Finally, if constrained to choose between Selestat-Colmar and Nancy, which would you choose (assuming travel via Eurailpass)?

Thanks, folks.

Joyce Jan 22nd, 1998 08:21 PM

Absolutely Colmar. It is just about our favorite place in France. It is the most charming higgledee-piggledee town ever. No two streets are parallel. Not only is it easy to get lost, it's almost impossible not to. Do see the Bartholdi Museum - not to insult your intelligence, I won't even mention he was the designer and builder of the Statue of Liberty, as well as supervisor of its installation. His other art work is unbelievable. Certainly reminded us of DaVinci for diversity and excellence. The museum is his former home. Colmar was his birthplace. Many good restaurants in Colmar, most of them reasonably priced. As far as I'm concerned, Nancy has very little to offer other than the beautiful gates. We spent two very boring days there and always said, if we had known ahead of time, we would have gotten off the train, checked the luggage, trotted down the street about half a mile to see the gates, and then hightailed it back to the station and outathere! If you have the time, like if you stayed a day or two in Colmar, take the bus from the train station to Egusheim, about half an hour away. It's the cutest village I've ever seen. There is a "scenic" walk down a narrow little street lined with super little homes, all with window boxes, etc. I can't describe it very well, but believe me, it's special.

Richard Jan 23rd, 1998 08:19 PM

Colmar was one of the nicest spots of our trip. The hotel we stayed at is called St. Martin Hotel. There is lots to see in Colmar; it's very quaint. We also went to Kayserberg, about 15-20 minutes from Colmar. It's a very small, quaint town. Lot's of very nice shops, good eats, and castle ruins on the hill. If you are travelling by train, I suppose you could rent bikes. We stopped at some of the wine caves along the way. Tasting the wine was fun, and meeting and trying to converse in limited French was also interesting. The locals are very nice. The 'Chateau du Haut-Koenigsboug' is an outstanding castle, well worth the voyage. I think it's about 45 min's by car from Colmar. Enjoy! We went through 7 countries in Europe 2 years ago, and one of the highlights was this area of France!

irene Jan 24th, 1998 05:20 AM

My husband and I have been to Colmar twice in the last year and absolutely loved the area. If you have a car the thing to do is get the map from tourist information and the follow the famous rt due vin. It's a series of 100 villages on a rte, quaint little villages, that have the midevil flavor. The food in Colmar is great and reasonable. We plan on traveling to France again in 8 weeks and will be traveling by car to southwest France if anyone has any suggestions about where and what we should see please let us know. Thanks Irene

greg Jan 24th, 1998 02:16 PM

For me the south west means the Perigord (Dordogne) and thereabouts, but you may be thinking further south and further west. From my perspective Sarlat is an excellent base to stay for at least a week - there are many things to see around - Rocamadour, Domme, Chateaux (Beynac et Castelenaud recommended),Lascaux (and sevarl other pre-history sites), . . . . The town of Sarlat is a lovely town but very crowded in the season. We have stayed twice at a little house 1km out of town - beatiful location. The internet page of Jean-Jacques Rey
( is a good place to get background. Happy to give more info

greg Jan 24th, 1998 02:20 PM

typo in that address - perigord not perogord

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