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Loran Jan 31st, 2001 03:08 PM

Considering visiting the area for a few days. Any tips, reccomendations or "pointers" it would be greatly appreciated

kam Jan 31st, 2001 03:23 PM

Spent 4 days there two years ago and am dying to return. A wonderful blend of French and German food/wine etc. Do drive the Wine Route, stopping in some of the little towns. Rheims is historically very interesting and Colmar is a charming city--a great place to stay. Strassbourg is beautiful with its beautiful cathdral. On the way you can drive through Epernay in Champagne, but there's not a whole lot to see there. The countryside doesn't become charming until Alsace. Definitely go!

Ellen Jan 31st, 2001 04:50 PM

I just recently spent 4 nights in the area (two in Colmar, two in Obernai). If I had to do it again, I'd stay all in one place. Colmar and Strasbourg are each worth one full day. There are some wonderful villages such as Kaysersberg, Eguishem (my favorite), Turkheim, Ribeauville and Riquewhir. You can see two, maybe three villages a day. Eguishem has the greatest "tourist circuit" walking path that you must do. I did not care for the typical Alsacian food too much. There were more restaurants to choose from in Colmar vs. in the smaller villages. Driving is very, very easy in the area and these villages are about 20 minutes apart by car. <BR>Ellen

steve Jan 31st, 2001 06:53 PM

We spent a couple of days in Strasbourg last year and really enjoyed it. We stayed at the Hotel de L'Europe which is a small, well-located hotel near the charming Petit France area and a short walk to the main square. The Cathedral is very beautiful as is Rohan Palace. We thought the food in Strasbourg was great!

Rex Jan 31st, 2001 07:58 PM

I give thumbs up to the town of St. Hippolyte and to the chateau of Haut Koeningsbourg. <BR>

Lenzing Feb 1st, 2001 03:31 AM

As an ex-pat living in Strasbourg, I admit to having a bias, but I think Alsace is one of the nicest regions of France. Strasbourg is a lovely city; large enough to have a great range of cultural attractions, yet small enough to explore on foot. <BR> If you do decide to use public transport, there are both buses and trams. The tourist office, which is next to the catherdral, has street maps, information on the bus routes, and other goodies. A car might be useful for getting around the region and visiting the villages, but I don't recommend driving in the city. <BR> Besides walking around and enjoying the city, do try to see the catherdal, La Petite France, and at least one of the museums. Strasbourg has several beautiful museums including a museum of Modern Art, an Alasacian museum (traditional life and crafts), the Rohan Palace, and a museum of art from the Middle Ages. <BR> Regional food is severed throughout Alsace in "Winstubs". It tends to be very hearty (some might say heavy)and goes well with the local wines. Alscian wines are usually white, with the exception of Pinot Noir. This is also one of the few beer-drinking regions of France. <BR> Remember that each month Strasbourg hosts the European Parliment for one week. Trying to get a hotel room the week Parliment is in session can be insane, so it makes sense to call in advance or stay in one of the villages. <BR>On the other hand, the Parliment does offer tours which can be interesting; ask the tourist office or call in advance. <BR> Outside of Strasbourg, the region is full of beautiful villages, castles, and churches. Colmar is a nice town (not really a village)with good transportation links to the smaller villages. Haut Koeningsburg Castle is great, as is St. Odile Convent. You'll need a car to get to either one. <BR> I hope this has been helpful. Have a good trip!

[email protected] Feb 1st, 2001 06:04 AM

It's a wonderful area. Stay in Colmar - I can give you the name of a very moderate, old hotel right in the center of the old town if you want it. Colmar is a wonderful Alsatian town - looks like a Hollywood set but it's for real. See Colmar and spend a couple of days driving out to the little Alsatian wine villages north of Colmar an hour or so - Riquewihr, Ribeauville, others. It's very easy driving, small local roads winding through the vineyards, pretty little towns. Stop for a lunch of Choucroute and a bottle of Riesling - super. <BR>They give a recommended tour from Colmar - <BR> <BR>Les Circuits d'Alsace <BR>6, Place de la Gare <BR>68000 Colmar <BR>Alsace France <BR>TÚl: : 03-89-41-90-88 <BR>Fax : 03 -9-41-90-99 <BR>E-Mail : [email protected] <BR>For more go to <BR>[email protected]

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