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ma23peas Jul 13th, 2006 05:58 PM

Along the lines of what you carry to pay?
I haven't traveled abroad for 15 years...and then I was a lowly college student with 300US to last 10 days in England and Scotland..and it WORKED!!! :) That included 4 nights lodging expenses (the rest was prepaid)...but I don't think I can go that cheap this time.

I have a credit card that charges 3% transaction fee for international rates and one that charges 1%....I think if I use my ATM (Wachovia) I get charged 2-3%...can y'all share your best deals on cards to use over there? I know you can prepay a card up to $2500 through AAA at a charge of $14? Just wanted to know what y'all use and any warnings from vendors that might charge you extra fees to use certain cards. Thanks!


mcnyc Jul 13th, 2006 06:14 PM

Hi Tara,

I'm sure if you search, you'll find this is a much discussed topic.

You'll find most of us carrying cards that charge 1% (or even 0% with 1% rebate!), and use ATMs that charge very little (1%) to no service charge.

For instance, for my last trip, I carried my Bloomingdale's visa (1% forex) and my Citibank ATM (1% charge). Works for me!

Good luck.

ma23peas Jul 13th, 2006 08:39 PM

Thanks mcnyc! I'll do some checking around...I have 500 pounds to carry with us but wanted the rest to be put on my cards that have 0% on purchases (gives me a year to pay it off :) but actually pay it off in 3 I guess I can't complain about 1-3%...just hoping the british pound keeps dropping!

Travelnut Jul 14th, 2006 07:39 AM

I don't think the prepaid 'travel' cards are a good deal at all. There are so many fees to buy, use, reload and clear off remaining balance.

Capitol One cards only pass the 1% Visa charge, as do some credit unions and maybe some brokerage cards, and the USAA card.
I got a AAA Visa (MBNA) that only passes the 1% fee.

I carry one credit card and one debit card; hubby carries one different credit card. We always bring back around 100€ so we have some starting money the next time. The debit card is tied to a single checking acct (free) that holds only my trip funds, so not too much damage if lost or stolen(fall back on credit card until we get home).

Always notify the bank(s) of your travel plans, so they don't block your cards.

suze Jul 14th, 2006 09:49 AM

As mentioned above, read the fine print on the preloaded travel cards. I have heard only bad things (that they are an expensive method).

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