Alitalia.....HORRIBLE Experience

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Also check this site out. It is a passenger rights manual developed by the FAA. I am not sure if everything applies because it is a foreign carrier, but it is worth a read.
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Re the quoted rule about Alitalia waiving the non-refundable rule in event of death:

There's a difference between an airline's refund policies and its change policies. The refund policy applies when you cancel a whole trip before departure. When you've already taken the outbound portion of the trip and want to change your return flight, the change policy applies. The fact that you may get a refund before beginning your trip doesn't necessarily mean that they'll give you a seat on a different return flight at the last minute without paying through the nose.
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This ruling by alitalia seems very shortsighted.

Whilst many of us will be prepared to forgive and forget a dodgy meal, a piece of temporarily lost luggage or a delayed flight, exploitation of grieving relatives is unforgivable, and should not be forgotten. With an attitude like this is it surprising they are in major financial difficuties?

The system by which you can claim a refund on additional costs by producing a death certificate seems fair to all parties.

A couple of lessons we can all learn from this
(i) Be adequately insured when you travel for curtailment
(ii) Don't fly Alitalia
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Jazztania: I would STRONGLY urge you to register your complaint with the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT)at [email protected]. You can call and register your complaint as well, but obviously, you will need to provide written documentation, and will be asked to provide a copy of your ticket as well. When appropriate, DOT officials will forward a copy of your complaint to the appropriate airline official at Alitalia for a response.

Understand that Alitalia in this country is strictly regulated by the DOT, and even if DOT does not query the carrier as to your complaint, the complaint WILL be recorded and "charged" to the carrier in the DOT's montly aviation consumer report, which it makes available to the news media and the industry.

For more information go to the DoT's website:

Having seen the DOT send out many, many letters to carriers on various matters involving discrimination, luggage issues, etc., I can assure you that your complaint will be taken seriously and dealt with expeditiously.
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3. And, once Jazztania has settled her own case, flooding them with emails regarding this policy and it's inequitites! (great idea, welovedonegal!)
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Updated here:
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Received 0 Likes on 0 Posts if we could just hear the OTHER side of this story.....
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I'm so sorry to hear not only about your loss, but that Alitalia was so unhelpful during the situation. Most domestic airlines still offer bearvement fares, although they are not usually much better than a last minute walk-up fare. As well, domestic airline agents have authority to waive fees and additional collections under extreme circumstances. International airlines, though, tend to have very different policies.

As far as who to address your grievance to, I would call Alitalia and ask for a customer care address or e-mail. They may have something on their web-site. When writing to them, include all pertinant info like flight numbers, and dates of travel. If you have your ticket numbers and/or confirmation number, I would include those also. If writing a letter, you could even include photo copies of your ticket receipts. A photocopy of the death certificates, or obituary should help as well.

Be factual, and specific regarding what you were told and what occured. Although it may help to note your status with them, or any of their partner airlines, it usually doesn't help to make ranting, emotional statements about never flying with them again, or telling everyone how horrible they are.

Have an idea of what compansation you feel is fair, and state such. You may not get it exaclty, but it will give the representative an idea of where to begin to assist you.

Also, include e-mail and phone numbers in case they'd like to speak with you personally.

I hope this helps.
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I probably shouldn't have topped this thread.

People seem confused....

Jazztania has posted again to let us know that Alitalia has addressed some of her concerns (I've referenced that update within this thread).
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Apologies - wasn't paying close enough attention.
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