Airline to Rome

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Airline to Rome

Has anyone flown Delta or Air France to Rome? Connection through CDG Paris. One hour layover.
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Saying what country you are flying from might help
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Of course--Boston, US to Rome. Both AF and Delta have one our layovers in Paris to change planes, same airline.
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Meant to write---One hour layover
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Considering that there are flights from Paris to Rome on these airlines, the safe assumption is that YES "anyone" has flown through Paris to Rome on Delta or AF.

That said, the connection is tight and any delay in arrival means you're going to miss it.
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The issue here is not the airline, but the airport.

Like many posting of this type, much of info is missing. I am presuming you are looking at something like these:

BOS-CDG: DL8399=AF333, CDG-FCO: DL8618=AF1504
BOS-CDG: DL118, CDG-FCO: DL8618=AF1504

Both arriving at CDG at the same time with the same 1hr layover. The CDG-FCO is AF.

If you look at each BOS-CDG flight right now for a typical arrival terminal assignment at:

It would say "2E", most likely the Hall M, the furthest away.

If you do the same for AF1504, you will be told it would be terminal 2F.

If you look at the airport map of CDG, there are three things working against you.

1. These two terminals are not close to each other, but is a common international to Schengen connection well signed and many many people do this.
2. You are flying on a big plane to CDG. Unless you are sitting close to the door, it would take quite a while to get off the plane. AF seems to use Boeing 777 for this route and DL looks like a size of Boeing 767.
3. You need to go through the passport control. The time it takes totally depends on who else you are going through with.

This is a tight connection. I have made this type of connection in less than one hour before, but then EVERYTHING was in my favor on that day. I got off the plane during the first minute because there was a gap in business class people getting off and the stewardess let us get out before the business cabin was empty. I also sailed through the passport control.
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I don't really understand what your question is. Is it a 1 hr layover that is really the question, rther than details about a specific airline? And if so, the destination to Rome is not very relevant, if it is a 1 hr layover issue. AF333 generally has a 1:35 layover, but maybe on the dates you want it is closer to 1 hr (sometimes it is 1:05). The Delta flight around the same time (this seems odd both have flights about the same time) has the same layover time. Which isn't surprising as it is the same AF flight from CDG to FCO, and both leave Boston at the same time for Paris.

The Air France leaves a little bit early, I think, personally I'd take them rather than Delta, if you are going to CDG and they'll get there sooner maybe.

Of course it appears you could easily take a DL/KLM flight to Rome, changing in AMS, also, with about 1:30 layover. So maybe you should do that.
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I would NOT book a 1 hr. layover in Paris. Without a VIP airport reception at the gate, you'll never make it through immigration in time (assuming a line), much less find your new gate.

Check out for other options. You could connect in Philadelphia and fly non-stop to Rome from there. That would be your easiest connection. You could also connect in Amsterdam on DL/KLM, a much easier connection than CDG.
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If your ticket books you all the way through, you shouldn't need to go through immigration until you land in Rome.
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We often connect in Phildelphia for Rome. American has added comfort economy on international flights; I got an email today.

Don't know your dates but I checked random dates and a variety of connections from Boston to PHL to FCO were more attractive than an hour at CDG.
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Odds are you will be on the next flight after the one that leaves in an hour. CDG is large and inefficient. Wait 10 minutes for an arrival gate? Slow exit from your plane? A tie up on the way to the connecting flight? And, the gate to the second flight will close long before the one hour transfer time is used up. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!
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Why do most US guys say CDG is inefficient ? When is the last time you were there ?
I fly 4-5 times a year to from or through CDG and don't find it worse than the average airport.

Besides if you fly on one ticket the connection is based on the experience of the airline and they won't put on a route that fails miserably each time. And if it fails it is their problem Yours will be some - usually slight - delay.

Now sh!t happens I have just been delayed 2 hours due to a storm for a 45 min flight.

Bah. Such is the life of the traveler.
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Those two are the same flight. If you look at Greg's post, you can see that they're a code share; the same flight numbers appear for both flights.

CDG may be fine if it's your departure airport or your final destination, or if your connecting flight is in the same terminal as your arrival. In my experience, and that of various relatives, it's a terrible airport for transit passengers between Europe and North America. My husband refuses to pass through CDG ever again.
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Using November as a test, I see no Delta-operated flights Boston-Rome through Charles de Gaulle. Delta sells tickets for that route on planes operated by Air France and/or Alitalia. Air France sells the same route, sometimes with Alitalia and/or KLM. Other options fly through New York Kennedy or Amsterdam.

However, Delta will sell you a ticket on a non-stop Boston to Rome, operated by Alitalia. It's close to the cheapest price, too, at least at that time of year. Alitalia is under Italian bankruptcy protection and looking for a buyer, while continuing to operate.
On a non-stop, with no connections to worry about, that option is worth considering, both for cost and the convenience of a non-stop flight. Buying your ticket from Delta offers reassurance that you will get to Rome somehow. Both Delta and Alitalia are members of Sky Alliance.
PS: One hour to transit CdG is very tight. Screening for hand baggage can take up 15 to 30 minutes alone.
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You're incorrect in what you say about going through immigration. If your connecting flight is to a Schengen country, you WILL need to go through immigration (but not customs) at CDG. You'll go through customs in Rome ... but that's trivial. Immigration lines can be long and slow-moving.

If you have a connecting flight to a non-Schengen country (such as the UK), you will NOT go through immigration.
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We've flown this many times. Take the excellent advice above and look for a longer connection. An hour at CDG is insanely tight. I doubt you'll make it.
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