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Airline service to Europe, I don't think there is much difference anymore.

Airline service to Europe, I don't think there is much difference anymore.

Old May 28th, 2002, 09:47 AM
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Airline service to Europe, I don't think there is much difference anymore.

Years ago I used to look forward to travelling to Europe on certain Airlines known for their friendly staff; SAS, KLM, Aer Lingus, Swiss Air etc. Today, I notice no difference among all carriers when it comes to flight staff. The best service seems to be indifference and the worst closer to surly. So these days I try to get on American Airlines because I'll at least have a little more legroom. As a matter of fact, if I had to rate the friendliest flight staff flying to Europe today it might be, don't laugh, US Air. Does anyone else agree or disagree?
Old May 28th, 2002, 09:54 AM
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We just flew Continental to Paris and were quite satisfied with the comfort level (read that: leg room!) on the plane, as well as the overall quality of customer service both during the reservation experience and the actual flight.
Old May 28th, 2002, 09:59 AM
Book Chick
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My January trip to Rome was on Delta & I thought the crew was kind & delightful. One of the flight crew confided to me, though, that when the flights are not filled (our flight was about 65-70% full), the passengers are always in a better mood & the crew doesn't feel as pressured by so many demands, so everyone tends to be in a better mood.

To be honest, though, I've not noticed a big problem when flying KLM; not necessarily as friendly as Delta, but certainly not surly or discourteous.

Old May 28th, 2002, 10:03 AM
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I agree with you. But I don't really care what they do (although I don't want them to hit me), just give me LEGROOM.
Old May 28th, 2002, 10:05 AM
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I think your accessment is right on target!!! We lived overseas in the mid 70's and the talk was of KLM being the ultimate in travel, AND Swiss Air was wonderful, Lufthansa, SAS etc were great. Now I understand they are not quite as great as at times in the past....and you are right...American Airlines does have a little more leg room,and our flight just a few months ago was handled very efficiently, and the employees were quite friendly. I guess things do change sometimes, and I have wondered myself about the slight drop in service of the foreign carriers. However, we took Air France last year and enjoyed it very much...even though the return connection was cancelled and we weren't helped much on arrangements, getting our bags etc. But these things DO happen occasionally and I won't "run down" a whole airline for unpleasant things taking place once in a while. (Repeatedly and over and over ---- perhaps I would chance my thoughts)
Old May 28th, 2002, 10:26 AM
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DB, I agree with you about USAir--I find all their personnel (including phone contacts) friendlier and more helpful than other airlines. That said, on my last trip on AA, the gate people were very nice.
Old May 28th, 2002, 11:28 AM
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I flew mostly on Delta from JFK and find their service cramped but OK. Other members of my family usually fly AA with no complaints - and more legroom but; IMHO there is a standout airline that I do recommend.

In late August, 2001, we flew Singapore Air to Frankfurt to attend a family wedding in France. I was very impressed with the in-flight service, food (airline wise) and the professionalism and kindness of the crew. This flight was so good that I almost didn't dread the return flight to JFK...on 9/11.

While the following had nothing to do with in-flight services on SA, it speaks volumes about the company and its people.

Our flight was 1 hour out of JFK when the attacks took place and we were routed to and stayed in Halifax, NS for four days.

Passengers on our flight were housed in local HS for the duration. The 1st night, we were summoned to the cafeteria for an announcement. The announcement was given by SA's Eastern Canada Representative - he an his wife cut short a vacation and at the direction of the company went to Halifax to make sure the flight's 250+ passengers were "taken care of". And what an amazing job they did, including:

Immediately arranging for phone calls home to family - this went on for the entire 4 days there and was augmented by the High School, though I think SA had to pick up the tab.

Staying w/us - sleeping on the same army cots we did in the High School.

Allowed us to purchase clothing (and immediately reimbursed us for same).

Offered to pay for alternative transport home (including rental cars)

1000 other "little things" to make the stay as bearable as possible.

Compared with stories that were exchanged with passengers on other airlines - when we were finally allowed to go home - Singapore Air went way above and beyond the call for their passengers.

Kudos also go to the good people of Halifax and the staff/students of Lower Sackville High School - our "hosts" during the side trip to NS.

We're so impressed by these folks that:
- I wrote to Pres. Bush commending NS'ers and Lower Sackville HS - hope the White House found time to send them a thank you note.
- Now fly with SA anytime their schedule from JFK permits - and I've got 125K FF miles on Delta.
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