AirFrance Tkts to Paris

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AirFrance Tkts to Paris

The cost of tkts to Paris/Newark Air France seem out of sight at $1516 for one or $3032 Round trip in June/July. Am I missing something or is this it in your experience?
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That's the most expensive season. You should try the daily Air India flight from Newark to Paris instead.
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You're also booking a little too early to get the best fares. Be on the lookout for sales, though don't expect the prices of last summer. I suspect you will also find a better deal if you book some kind of air/hotel package through a tour company. The Air India flight is a very good idea as well. If you end up paying that price, you could fly on L'Avion (a discount business-class airline to Orly) for about $2000 round-trip. I'd take that over CDG any day.
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You are also missing something: AF non-stop round trips tickets range from $1320 to $1670 in June and July.

But, as mentioned, Air India non-stop round trip is $860 in June and July. Much better and about as low as you can expect in the highest poart of high season.
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I've been reading comments from people that Air India might not be a great choice, mixed reviews at best...
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The negative comments mainly focus on meals, movies, and the like. If you can save $800 per passenger, just bring your own meal (and maybe a brand new portable DVD player) with the savings.
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You were saying that booking now is still too early to get the best fares. Could you give me a ballpark figure of when would be the time to get the best fares? I wanted to fly to Paris in June as well for our 10th anniv and am also having a really hard time finding decent airfare.

Thanks so much,
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We have a June trip to Paris in the planning stage and are also watching for the release of sale fares. In past years the Spring "shoulder" season fares hit the streets around now, and the ones for the high season (including June) start to appear a month or so later. No hard and fast rules, of course, and with oil prices bouncing upward as they are and load factors high many experts/pundits predict that even the sale fares this year will not be impressive. Sigh...

As to Air India, they do consistently offer cheapo fares EWR-CDG but I have read so many horror stories that even my miserly self has avoided them. Perhaps if I was traveling solo and absolutely had to pinch every penny, but not otherwise.

Thomas - recheck your figures, that is too much for coach and too little for business. And check out Continental for EWR-CDG.
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The best airfares usually appear before the end of February, but there will be sales for summer travel after if demand is weak, as it may be if travel continues to be so expensive. All I can say is that if you really want to go to Europe (not just to France) this summer, you have to track fares constantly from now until March or even April and be prepared to buy your tickets immediately when you see that the fares for your travel dates have dropped to an acceptable level.

Right now, all airfares are still trending up (domestic airfares just went up $50 for many airlines). A quick search found fares for about $1,100 from JFK to Paris (Iceland Air and Aer Lingus are currently offering the best fares). I don't think you should be surprised this year to have to pay $900 to $1,000 for travel to France.

If something appears that you can afford, I'd strongly suggest that you jump on it. You can't count on a last-minute deal this year.

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I don't think the question is when prices will go down, but when you should expect them to turn inexorably up. I don't think this usually can be counted on to happen until maybe 60 days out.

So, I set myself a target price. For an East Coast to Western Europe trip (or vice versa), this target is never more than $800, and usually in the $600 range. I then start looking and and wait and if a fare comes up that is at or below my target, and otherwise suits my needs, then I buy it.

Theoretically, as I drew closer to the 60 day date, I would raise my target price to adjust to the reality that I wouldn't get what I wanted, but I have yet to have this happen and always get something at or near my original target price.

Now, some things could complicate this, such as insisting on non-stops or certain carriers or flying from a small, out of the way airport.

And yes, this will be an expensive year, but for someone flying from New York, with all of the flights crossing the pond every day, I think you will still be able to find a bargain. It may involve a connection somewhere, but $1500 is just too much to spend on a coach ticket.

Indeed, for comparison, for some random June dates I plugged in, you could get from Newark to Paris-Orly for $1420 on L'Avion, which is an all-business class carrier. Not a BA-flat bed class product, but a huge leap over AF coach. Last summer, Continental, Northwest, and KLM (at least) all offered business fares in the $1000-$1600 range to Western Europe, as well.
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BTW, by way of disclaimer, I offer my advice above from my own experience. Feel free to use or dismiss, but don't blame me if prices go up while you are waiting on a target price that never comes.
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Plenty of dates under $1,000 on Air India in June. And under on CO, AF and other airlines.

You pay more if you have to go on a specific flight, specific date.
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I've been very lucky the last few years with for Boston/Paris.

I just checked some random dates for June/July, and they have non-stop flights from Newark for $1180 round trip on Continental.

We love the seats on the upper level on the Air France flights. Based on the reviews I've read, I would never book Air India. But, for significan savings, I wouldn't mind American or Continental.

You may want to compare prices JFK versus Newark.

When checking fares on 1800FlyEurope, you have to select a flight for the total charges. And, be sure to click on "Show Additional Times" if you're looking for non-stop flights.

You can tell the airlines (if not disclosed) by the flight times. Or, just pick up the phone and call them. They are terrific on the phone.

If you're seriously planning to go, I would not wait too long to book. Fares are more likely to go up than down (and, yes, they are "out of sight" compared to last year and the year before). Airlines are more likely to consolidate flights than offer sale seats nowadays.

Only wait for "fare sales" if you'll only go if you find a favorable fare and your dates are flexible and you wouldn't mind staying many fewer or more days than you'd like. More often than not, sale fares are only available certain days/dates, and you'd have to book an inconvenient return day, or the fare will be even higher than if you'd booked earlier.

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Sorry, meant to say under $1,200 for CO or AF non-stop EWR-CDG for many dates.
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Even right now, there are many many fares on the Air France website less than those rates, so you must be insisting on a particular date. I like AF's website because they show you all fares for several weeks period, so it is very easy to pick the cheapest.

I agree there aren't any bargains, but it's easy to get that RT in late June/return early July for $1362 total, not $1516. I'd also wait a bit to see what happens.
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