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fairoaksjim Feb 25th, 2005 01:02 PM

Airfare-Sacto to Italy Should I expect a drop?
I want to travel from Sacramento to Milan or Firenze in the second week of June. The current rates run between $1070 and $1150. Should I expect a drop under $1000 or should I buy now? Is there any logic to what will happen to pricing over the next three months?

LoveItaly Feb 25th, 2005 01:14 PM

Hi fairoaksjim, check out the rates from SFO also.

With gasoline prices I personally do not think fares are going to go lower.

Or, if you want to gamble a bit, JetBlue has a flight from Sacramento to JFK, where you can catch a flight to Italy.

But personally I do not like having two different tickets, where airlines are not partners.

Which airline were you thinking of? I have the NW FF club. That flight requires a change in Detroit and then again in Amsterdam to fly to Italy.

From SFO you can fly via KLM (a NW partner) non stop to Amsterdam and then change planes (just the one time) and fly onto Italy.

rex Feb 25th, 2005 02:18 PM

This is a long shot - - but keep your eye out for NWA travel certificates that others here on this forum (and elsewhere? flyertalk?) might be able to offer you. Because they are "zone" fares, it provides an "equalizer" for th lower demand of SAC (compared to LAX or SEA for example) - - and it could result in a fare in the sub $900 (sub $800?) range.

Best wishes,


LoveItaly Feb 25th, 2005 02:29 PM

Hi Rex, and fairoaksjim,

I did check the certificate that I had, but unfortunatly it is only good until the 19th of May and fairoaksjim is traveling to Italy the second week of June.

But a good thought for sure, and maybe another certificate will come along, one can only hope.

fairoaksjim Feb 25th, 2005 06:43 PM


janis Feb 25th, 2005 07:21 PM

Flying from here (Sacramento) will limit your choices and often adds quite a bit to the bottom line. You have to weigh the convenience of flying out of SMF against the savings from using SFO. I fly to Europe from SMF, SFO and even LAX depending on where I can get the best fares.

In order of convenience it would be
1 - SMF,
2 - LAX (because you can fly there from SMF on Southwest),
3 - SFO (or Oakland or San Jose) because you have to drive down there and fight the traffic on I-80.

So I would check fares from all the west coast airports - SMF is not the cheapest place to fly out of. If the SMF fares end up w/i about $100 of the others I'd just pay the extra and fly out of Sacto.

rex Feb 25th, 2005 07:38 PM

<<I did check the certificate that I had, but unfortunatly it is only good until the 19th of May...>>

Yes, I was envisioning a certificate that does not (as far as I know) exist yet. Indeed, I don't recall if I have ever seen them isued for June in previous years or not.

<<maybe another certificate will come along...>>

yes, that's what I was suggesting - - long shot though it may be.

kybourbon Feb 25th, 2005 08:24 PM

I always receive the NWA certificates but have never seen one that is good during the summer months or past June 10th. Two years ago the certificate was good until 6/10 and last year only until 5/31. This year until 5/19.

I just booked a flight on NWA to Spain for the last week of May on their April sale that ended 2/22. I was surprised that I was able to book it when the promo stated travel during April only. I've been able to get sale fares on several different airlines even though my travel dates didn't fall within the stated sale dates.

mjs Feb 25th, 2005 11:20 PM

I am not a fan of the Southwest to LAX than fly abroad unless you are planning on stopping in Los Angeles. Same idea with the Jet blue to NYC. If all of your flights are not one one ticket and something happens to delay you from getting to your overseas flight you are out of alot of money as the inexpensive fares are not refundable.
I also find as a general rule that the flights to Europe are less expensive and often times no longer flying out of SFO than SMF. Easy to fly from SFO to Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam ....than with a 2hour or so layover fly into Italy in a hour or so. Flights from SMF have you flying to Atlanta for a one connection route to Milan or to other places east for a 2 connection route to Milan or Florence. I have found that some of the return trips from Europe to SMF have some awful layovers somewhere.
Lots of direct flights every day out of SFO to Europe and as most are in the afternoon it is fairly easy to drive without too much traffic into the city. We rent a car and drop it off at SFO. Give ourselves about 5 to 6 hours to make it easily.
We usually do not go to Europe in June so I cannot help you too much with airfares but I do not think $1100 is a bad fare for June from SMF if the scheduling is good. You could wait through March to early April for a somewhat better fare but I am not sure how much you might save.

janis Feb 25th, 2005 11:37 PM

mjs: I normally agree w/ what you say about flying on separate tickets in case your flight is delayed. But for SMF to LAX this isn't the big problem you might face on other routes. There are many daily flights between Sac and LA, so unless one is foolish and books the fights too close together you really are usually OK.

It is just as iffy to try to drive to SFO, there is a wreck on the bridge backing up traffic all the way to Vallejo, and missing your flight that way.

I'd much rather rely on a flight to LA over a drive to SF - unless you drove down the day before and then you'd have the extra expense of an airport hotel and parking which eats up all the savings from flying out of SFO in the first place.

SMF would be the most convenient of course - but it is also the most expensive.

WillTravel Feb 25th, 2005 11:44 PM

Priceline is excellent for SFO airport hotels - a 3* name-brand hotel can typically be had for a bid of under $40.

I don't know if you are considering flights to Rome or Bologna also, but if you keep those options open, you have a slightly better chance of getting a deal.

According to, you can fly SFO-CDG on IcelandAir for $673. You could then fly or take a night train to your first Italian destination, and then of course back to Italy for your return. That might be too much hassle, but I thought I'd mention the possibility in case you wanted to throw in Paris and maybe even an Iceland stopover also.

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