Air France fares

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Depending on when you want to go and how flexible your schedule is, you can find tickets for less than $1K. Also, traveling between Edinburgh and Dublin - why not check out It's kind of like the Irish "Southwest Airlines of the US."
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Wendy: Have you actually booked an incredible fare via the Air France website? There's a good reason it's known as "Air Chance" to veteran travelers.
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Check out, I just bought 2 business class tix on Corsair for $720 each!!!!!!!!!Really!!!!
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Wendy: I would also asked if you have actually been able to book a favorable fare? On the Air France website today, they list flights to Paris from my home city, if you leave by 6/14, at $353 (no mention of one way, round trip?). I followed all the rules (weekday going and coming, stay over a Saturday, etc.) and tested the dates of my trip (returning Monday rather than Sunday). The round trip fare came up at $881 with only very early in the morning flights. Where is the $353 fare? The tickets I booked several months ago were $675 round trip, direct flights on the days and at the times I wanted to fly. Same flights today are being offered at $969. Everyone should be advised that advertised fares are AS LOW AS the price offered, for LEFTOVER SEATS. It is very risky to wait until close to your departure date and hope for fare deals. There may not be any leftover seats at all the days you wish to travel, or there may be one in one direction but not the other, so you pay FULL FARE one way (which does result in a favorable average). The airlines save a number of seats for last minute bookings on each flight, anticipating they'll be filled with business or other last minute travelers for top dollar. Those seats, if still unsold within 10 to 45 days of departure, go on "sale". Those rates are advertised as though there are plenty of seats, when really there's just the odd seat on the least convenient flights on one or more of those days, not every day. Anyone whose tickets were a lot more than the last minute sale prices should check their dates and see if those fares (or any seats at all) are really available. You'll be very pleased, not heartbroken, with the fares you paid for your tickets. Before you assume you could have paid a lot less based solely on those "as low as" advertised prices, go through the booking process and see if there are really any seats the days you are traveling. And, if there are two or more of you, there may be one seat, but not two or more, so be sure to test the actual number of people going. I'd rather not have to be at the airport by 7AM for departure and have to pay for another hotel night, or have to cut my last day in Paris short to pack and go to bed early and worry about getting to CDG in weekday morning rush hour traffic for an early morning return flight. Our return flight leaves at 4:40 on a Sunday. So, we'll be able to have a leisurely dinner our last evening, enjoy our last night in Paris, with plenty of time the next morning to pack, have a nice lunch, and go to the airport without any weekday traffic or a mobbed airport. I could have saved about $30 by coming home at 7AM Monday morning. But, I'd have to pay for another night in the hotel and use another vacation day.
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The lowest fares that we have ever seen on Air France - San Francisco/Paris round trip were approx. $570 in March. Next week, we will be flying American for $523.

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