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Lydia Apr 24th, 1999 10:35 AM

Aigues Mortes and Camargue
Can anyone forward information on reasonable accommodation in Aigues Mortes, please? <BR> <BR>We would like to see the flamingos and white horses of the Camargue (we'll be travelling by rented car) - can anybody recommend the best area, or should we rather take some sort of a tour?

John Apr 24th, 1999 10:51 AM

What a great area. I've been there a few times and it is just wonderful. Aigues Mortes is a walled medieval city where the crusaders in the middle ages left the continent to go fight the Saracens in north Africa. I never stayed there for the night ... I was either in Montpellier or La Grande Motte which is close by. I did see several nice, small hotels and picked up their brochures (have no idea where they are, now), but seem to recall they were $100 or less, in general. <BR> <BR>I was there, once, when they were having their annual Medieval festival with many locals in periodic costume. It was great. <BR> <BR>I like that whole area of france. Nimes, Pont du Gard, Avignon, Sete, Arles, Orange are all nearby. In the direction of Spain is Carcassonne which is something like 90- miles away. This is the granddaddy of medieval, walled medieval cities and where Robin Hood with Kevin Costner was filmed. <BR> <BR>The food, wine, great weather, and locals in this area does make for a nice trip. <BR> <BR>Do enjoy .... tour not necessary to see the flamingos, white horses, or black bulls. Just ask and the locals will point you in the right direction. I didn't have any trouble finding the sights.

Lydia Apr 25th, 1999 06:26 AM

Thanx, John - the info about the flamingos and horses really puts my mind at rest - have really searched the web for information, without much luck.

John Apr 25th, 1999 08:08 AM

Hi, Lydia, <BR>Years ago we stayed at the Hotel St. Louis in Aigues Mortes on a memorable Christmas eve and day...I know it's still open and my recollection was it was very comfortable and not too expensive, with very good food. This is a wonderful area of France (aren't they all?)

wes fowler Apr 25th, 1999 08:11 AM

Lydia, <BR>I don't know about its accessibility to you, but today's (4/25)travel section of the New York Times has a lengthy article on the Camargue region. You may find it if you access the New York Times on-line.

John Apr 25th, 1999 01:01 PM

Lydia, try doing a search on "Aigues Mortes". I tried it and several articles popped up. I just glanced at a few and the quality varies, but I did see a few pictures of Aigues Morte and a map of the area, etc. Also found some hotels listed, but no pics. <BR> <BR>I also seem to recall the Hotel St Louis the other John (jfsevy) referred to.

Lydia Apr 26th, 1999 12:36 PM

Thanx, John, John and Wes - I actually found the first paragraph of the article you mentioned, but purchasing the rest of the article involves an on-line credit card transaction, which I don't fancy. I got hold of a snail mail address for Aigues Mortes - shall write and ask for hotel list.

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