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Kristine Feb 16th, 1999 06:50 PM

Affordable travel to Europe
My husband and I are beginning to plan a trip to Europe. I've read late Summer or early Fall airfare prices are more affordable. Can anyone offer tips on which of these months are nicest (not too cold)and questions to ask when booking airfare (days of the week that fares are lower, etc). Also,on my previous trips, I was single and stayed in hostels, but I don't know if couples can stay together in hostel or are seperated by sex...any info.

Lee Feb 17th, 1999 05:31 AM

Kristine: Travel during June, July and August tends to be higher and also "tulip time" in Holland. <BR> <BR>We booked our flight for five in May of this year for Germany. I just kept checking until the airfares were where I thought they were acceptable and then booked. Each ticket fluctuated about $300.00 +! We booked for May 22, but found out that if we left one day later (returning a day later), we'd save $107.00 each. Not bad. Be flexible and you can save. The actual month and day of the week can provide some possible bargains. <BR> <BR>I believe that hostels are out of the question in your situation, but if you shop around, you can find little spots that are inexpensive and still turn out great. Ask Wes Fowler about Pfaffenwinkel, Germany for example. <BR> <BR>Generally, May and September are less crowded, cheaper and the weather is still good throughout France, Germany, Italy, Austria, etc. <BR> <BR>Good luck!

Caryn Feb 17th, 1999 05:54 AM

Many hostels do have double rooms you can rent. However, when you are two people, especially a couple, it is much better to just go to B&B's, inns, etc. Hostels will usually have two single beds. In my opinion, hostels are the best when you are single and under the age of 25. After this age, when you've got a little more money in your pocket than the average student, the dirt, noise, crowds, and lack of privacy are not as tolerable. B&B's are generally much nicer with better, cleaner, more private accomodations all around. This is the opinion of someone who is still under 30. <BR> <BR>As for going during a more affordable time, don't go during June, July, and August. You will spend hundreds of extra dollars and encounter thousands of more crowds. Unfortunately, since I am a teacher, crowds and more money are my only options.

Dorothy Feb 17th, 1999 09:27 PM

<BR>We were in Europe in September, found the weather fine, fares, prices and crowds reduced. We stayed in both hostels and B&Bs. If you hunt for a good, inexpensive B&B there is not that much difference in price and it is much nicer than most hostels. B&Bs are so often kind of like visiting a distant relative.

Glenn Feb 19th, 1999 02:46 PM

Kristine, High season is from early June through Augst. I beleive that the fares drop quite a bit for September. I have not been to Europe at that time, but I believe that it is still warm and not so creowded as other people have posted. <BR>From what I have read, most hostels do offer rooms for couples. I imagine that they would not have a ton. I do not have the web site address avalible at the momen, I know that they will give you more info about rooms if you do a search for the topic.

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