Aer Lingus out of JFK/NY

May 21st, 2003, 05:27 PM
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I second this question--aside from carry-on issue--which airline seems to be better for this trip--Continental or AL?
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May 21st, 2003, 06:26 PM
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I am curious if there are any further experiences with Aer Lingus. My trip is just over a month away and I'd like to know if there are any recent Aer Lingus flyers out there.
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May 21st, 2003, 07:20 PM
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Hi there

I can't really say that I find one much better than the other. I have flown Continental many times and Aer Lingus a few times and each time I've been on Aer Lingus i've been treated very courteously and pleasantly.

Yes, I do take a carryon bag with me as almost ALL airlines are known to lose luggage for a day or two. I have enough for two days and any necessities I carry.

But when I really think about it - my flights on Aer Lingus were very good - never had a problem at all with them. I've had many a problem trying to get through security at various airports but then I imagine that security really does love to stop a female fed employee cause she's got to look like a serious problem with blonde hair and 5 ft 3 in and needs to have her luggage, shoes, handbag examined as often as possible. It can continue to happen as often as they'd like cause I really enjoy their reaction when they find my federal ID.

Enjoy your trip - take an 18" carryon - don't let the security get you down - you'll forget it all once you get to Ireland!!
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May 21st, 2003, 08:14 PM
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Debby is being way too courteous in her attempt to make a clear and completely logical point. Those that argue against her objective point are simply placing themselves in a position where they feel they can do what they want if they get away with it.
What a world it would be if everyone talked loudly on their cell at the same time, or yes, took three items to the plane. In an easy, profound and painfully simple word, those that violate the morality and principles we all live with in society are scofflaws, and their reasons are always backed by the same personality flaw: they are selfish by nature. Period. No amount of response or defense can color that fact. She is too nice to say it, so I will. I do not like those that take the space of others so that they can bring a bunch of beers back to America from Ireland. Mail it Jack! Be responsible with your booze and practice being nice and fair. Those that think that sneaking around rules that hurt others is defensible are the miscreants and juvenile delinquents of society.
They are the ones that insist on roaring down the residential street at night, waking all up. Why? Because, as it has been discussed, they can get away with it. Let us hope that the great adjudication will find them in payment regarding the treatment of their fellow man. Yes , I believe that in a microcosm, this type of immoral behaviour, that is, "getting away with it", at the expense of one's neighbors or fellow travellers, is the epitome of selfishness. However, the attempt to defend one's immoral ways is much more despicable and is probably the core problem of society today. Consider for once, all ye of great selfishness, that you could actually be nice and caring and gentle to your fellow man. I am sorry if your youth or home life left scars that result in your need to subjugate others, and problems with selfishness due to the phobias that you are unloved. Grow up and become members of our society. Remember that? The same one you probably have invoked in wrapping the freedom flag around your waist and singing patriotic songs while driving eighty miles an hour in your big ole Lincoln Navigator that can climb Mt Everest at fifteen miles an Hour? Wouldn't want you to be the one injured in an accident at your speed, huh guy? Back off the rhetoric and try to regain your moral code. Rules in society are not there for you to figure out how to get around them. They exist so that all of us can live peacefully together. Funny, several decades ago, before the current generation of violence and me first, we lived in a much happier cohesive society. I am sorry that you cannot accept the challenge of adulthood. I can only hope that you have a minor learning experience that teaches you not to be so selfish, before a major problem lands you in trouble or jail. Good luck, you are those with your philosophy are going to need it.
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May 21st, 2003, 09:56 PM
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ever heard the expression 'rules are made to be broken'?

... well some rules are not there to suit society they are there to suit some of society. go with what suits - you.
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May 23rd, 2003, 01:26 PM
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We flew 5/12/03 JFK to Dublin, and 5/19 Shannon to JFK.(Flew Airbus both ways)
I'd stuffed everything into a 18" carryon, but my husband used his 20", since he didn't have time to purchase an 18" bag.
He was allowed to take his 20", which fit under his seat, though he'd packed an empty duffle inside, just in case he needed to check his 20" bag.
You could try his approach, if you don't have an 18" bag.
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May 23rd, 2003, 02:04 PM
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UPDATE from me.

We flew AL Chicago - Dublin - Shannon in April 2003.

I had completely stressed out trying to find a carryon that fit the size limit ( under 18") with wheels - because I HATE carrying my bag on the mile long corridor from the plane to customs at Ohare .
I did find one for about $30. It was only 16" so it didn't hold as much as I would have liked , but it did satisfy the regulations.

Not sure why I bothered ( except that if I hadn't , you know I would have been the one singled out of the crowd).
I don't think the AL staff questioned 1 single person on their carryon bags - and some of them were obviously too big. There were 22" rollons, large duffels, Huge shopping bags. etc. Both ways. And both flights were full.

I still feel that if the airline posts a limit that A) THEY should enforce it, and B) the passengers should follow it.
Stuffing large bags into the overheads makes it hard for everyone - you may not be able to keep your stuff near you, because some oversize bag is eating up the overhead above YOUR seat. Add to that standing behind the guy with the big bag (or multiple bags) while he tries to get them all in the OH not caring that he is holding up all the other passengers trying to board.... ( same thing happens when you land)

Good news - we did get one of the new 330-200 airbus's that have a video screen built in for each seat - 10 video, 10 music and multiple game channels.....
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May 28th, 2003, 03:56 PM
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I agree with what xx said.

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