Advice needed - First trip to Italy


May 22nd, 2007, 01:28 PM
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Advice needed - First trip to Italy

Hi all - I am planning a large family and friend trip for Summer 2009...yes a long way off, but the time we need to save and get organized. We are looking at 16 people or so. We plan to rent a villa witha pool...somewhere. I have 3 votes for on the coast near the beach and 1 who has been that says good luck and we'll be disappointed. We want to appeal to the most that we can and be somewhere that has access to the most places/things.

So far people have said they want to wine taste, take cooking classes, tour florence, venice and naples, go outlet shopping, sight see museaums, cathedrals etc.

We had originally planned on tuscany, somewhere but we have a few that hear "tuscany" and think 'right on the beach' which I know is not the case...also we are currently letting everyone plan to stay a few extra days in Rome or come early to Rome to see all they are interested there on their own.

We are open to a villa near Rome so that those who can't afford extra time can spend 3 or more days of their week heading in to Rome but still need for others to be able to do all the other stuff and see Rome later on their own if we go this route.

Any advice, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated!

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May 22nd, 2007, 02:18 PM
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My friends a few years ago rented a large villa on the southern tuscan coast at Porto Ercole - they raved about it and it slept 12 easily plus had a smaller apartment with it as well. They rented through one of the major travel services like tuscany now or tuscany villas - I can't remember...There are tons of larger places in that part of Italy as it is a popular place to vacation and it is on the water and also close to Siena, Roma, Montalcino etc...
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May 22nd, 2007, 02:57 PM
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<<tour florence, venice and naples>>

This sounds like more than one location. You won't be able to visit all these from one villa. If you choose a villa in Tuscany, u=you might be able to daytrip to Rome--perhaps 1-2 hours each way. Venice would be more like 3-4 hours each way. Naples is 2 hours south south of Rome.

You need to eliminate some locations or be ready to stay in more than one place.
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May 22nd, 2007, 05:23 PM
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#1 Accept that you will not please/accommodate everyone or possibly even most of the group (even if they are family). Maybe you only want to rent somewhere for a week of togetherness, and then let everyone plan and do the rest of their trip on their own.

#2 Understand there is no "perfect" place from which to see/do/explore a large area. To assist in identifying a base location, find out how far people in the group are willing to travel each day and then have every "unit" (couple, sub-family, etc.) rent their own car. (It already sounds like there are many divergent interests.)

#3 Let everyone know that "he/she who plans (it all), gets to decide." You're going to feel like salt water taffy if you don't set some ground rules even during the planning process.
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