Advice for novices


Sep 10th, 2001, 12:36 PM
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Advice for novices

Hello to all the experience out there!
Best fares has a $499 round trip from SFO to Rome on Swissair that goes through it a problem getting off in Zurich and making our own way to Rome for our return trip? and,two, if we can what would you all recommend for an itinerary between Zurich and Florence, where we must be on the 16th of Oct. (we are thinking of arriving in Zurich on the 9th of October)...
Thank you for your time,
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Sep 10th, 2001, 01:01 PM
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You'd be better off posting this question with a more specific header - - like "Advice on not completing the Zurich-Rome leg of our outbound flight on Swissair".

Not only will you get people who are generally knowledgeble and interested in your question - - but just imagine how awful this board would be, if all the questions looked like this:


I need advice.

Can you help me?

Does anybody know this?

Would you happen to know?


And the answer to your question is:

YES, you will create a big problem for yourself if you try to "skip" this leg of your outbound travel. Like possibly ending up with the entire return portion of your ticket canceled, and having to buy an outrageously expensive one-way, no-notice ticket to get then to take you home.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Best wishes,

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