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pbjhhunt Apr 5th, 2005 03:45 PM

thanks to all for the ideas - vinolover - we've made reservations at the Adare Guesthouse in Galway which sounded great and location seemed to be just fine. It's so hard to gauge the distances when you're looking at the maps on different websites etc. The countdown has begun and there's still so much to think about. Daydream - we too have made reservations for almost all nights (just the last empty). It was making my husband too crazy and I don't want to be the family yelling at each other on the side of the road as I read about in one of the hundreds of postings I've checked out in the last few months so we went with less stress and booked. Since we knew the area we wanted to be in each night it seemed the best compromise. Although I've been told I'm taking some of the spontenity (sp?) out of the trip it's probably best for us. We have one day that involves quite a bit of driving and places to see but hopefully it will all work out well. I like the Michelin website and am very hopful that it proves out for us also.

I know we need to plan for slower driving times but that shouldn't be a problem. My husband and son are big "relaxers" so the slower pace should suit them well. Thanks so much for all the advice and help. I may still be back for more. Anyone that wants to chime in on must sees on the route I posted on the 12th (the only change is the last night - still totally up in the air) will have their advice well looked at. again thanks.

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