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emmamarie Dec 22nd, 2013 11:06 PM

accommodation for family london and paris

I am having trouble working out where best to stay on first time holiday to london and paris with two children (11 and 8). We would like to be close to attractions or public transport and would like either an apartment or something with either breakfast included or small kitchenette. We are happy to pay around 250Euro per night. We were thinking of perhaps doing a hop on/off tour for orientation on our first day and then walk/catch tube.


Alan_CT Dec 23rd, 2013 03:46 PM

I think you're best off with an apartment. That way you have more flexibility on features and location. You should be able to find something nice if not luxurious in that price range, at least in Paris. Hop on/off buses are a good way to see a little of a lot, fast, or you can take a city tour bus. This agency has properties in both cities:

adrienne Dec 23rd, 2013 04:07 PM

In Paris you should stay in the 4, 5, 6, or 7 arrondissements which are close to the river and many sights. Everywhere in the city is near public transportation (bus or metro).

Most hotels in Paris serve breakfast but it's usually for an additional price. If you're looking for an included breakfast you're limiting your hotel options. My opinion is that you're paying for breakfast, even if it's included in the room rate as the room rate is adjusted accordingly so it doesn't mean you're getting a free breakfast.

Apartments are nicer for families as there is more space but since you're only going to be in Paris for 3.5 days (unless you've adjusted your itinerary) an apartment might not be the best thing for a first-time visitor. Hotels can offer guidance on getting places and other help (restaurant reservations, for instance).

Personally, I would not subject young children to a day on a bus. As an adult I find it boring; a child might go stir crazy. I'd also not want to spend the little time you have in Paris looking at the city from a bus window.

You might consider some walking tours which will take you around specific areas and give in depth information on the significance of the area. Paris Walks do a very good job for a modest amount of money and welcome children on their tours.

emmamarie Dec 24th, 2013 03:34 AM

Thanks adrienne and Alan_CT. You have both given me some useful information. Perhaps we will get an apartment in London and a hotel or apartment in Paris as suggested. I have since found London Walks and Paris Walks and are considering these instead of the hop on/off buses. I will check out the link that you provided.

stokebailey Dec 24th, 2013 05:18 AM

We like using the bus in both cities for getting around aboveground.

I don't see how long you'll be in either city, but:
We found a Marais Paris apartment we loved from Carefully reading the reviews is essential on that site.

We have also enjoyed staying in a triple hotel room at one of the homey London hotels like Bloomsbury area Arran House, Jesmond Dene, Celtic Hotel, Ridgemount Hotel. The Wyndham looks good, too, on Our girls always got a kick out of the London breakfast room experience, the people-watching and social aspects there and in the lounge.

fourfortravel Dec 24th, 2013 06:25 AM

We stayed here for a week when our children were 12 and 7. The apartment served our family beautifully; and the owner was helpful and friendly.

emmamarie Dec 24th, 2013 03:53 PM

Wow thanks everyone! You have been very helpful!

nytraveler Dec 24th, 2013 04:07 PM

Um, how do you get 4 people - I am assuming parents plus 2 kids - into a triple room?

nytraveler Dec 24th, 2013 04:09 PM

I would not waste time on a HoHo bus - esp with 2 kids likely to get restless. Just make sure your lodgig is near a tube stop and plan on walking a lot.

MareeL Dec 25th, 2013 08:59 PM

In London we stayed in Highbury Fields. A two bedroom apt booked through The only thing that concerned us before we left home was that was on the 3rd floor with no elevator, but it actually turned out not to be problem. It is opposite Highbury Fields Park and a one minute walk to the subway.

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