Abruzzo and Lazio Hill towns


Jan 21st, 2013, 02:04 PM
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Abruzzo and Lazio Hill towns

Hello. I am planning a tour of hill towns starting in Umbria and ending in Campania, travelling through Abruzzo and Lazio. I know a few great places in Umbria and Campania but not Abruzzo and Lazio. Can you recommend pr share moderately priced restaurants and/or hotel sinpicturesque Abruzzo and Lazio hill towns that you have enjoyed?
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Jan 21st, 2013, 02:22 PM
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What time of year are you traveling? Some parts of Abruzzo are really not possible at certain times of the year.

When I travel around Italy by car most often choose my lodgings using food and lodging guides compiled by the "Slow Food" editors. If you don't speak Italian, you can get the 2007 edition in English.

The guide has since been split into 2 separate books -- one just for osterie and one just for locande (some of which serve food). It is worth stopping in a bookstore once you are in Italy to buy the most recent editions to learn what else is new and what might have been cut from the 2007 list. The newer books are only available in Italian, but you will be able to decipher the essential information, like cost, whether they accept credit cards, have air con in rooms, or parking, etc. All the recommended places tend to be quite modestly priced.

Both Abruzzo and Lazio are large regions with hundreds upon hundreds of picturesque small hilltowns. Do you know what will be your last destination Umbria and and you will be headed to in Campania?
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