About 1/2 to 3/4 day in Bruges?

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About 1/2 to 3/4 day in Bruges?

We are doing a day trip from Paris to Bruges on our own (not through tour operator)in December. We will arrive around 11:30 a.m. We are trying to decide on a return train time, as we would like to have a weekend night out in Paris. Realistically, if we opt for dinner in Paris versus Bruges, how long do we need in Bruges? We plan on a canal tour, and perhaps the minibus tour, and just exploring the town. Is a 5:30 departure to early to give us enough time in Bruges? I've had mixed answers...<BR><BR>Thanks.
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Personally, I think you're being way too ambitious with your plans. When you say mini-bus tour do you mean a Quasimodo tour? The one I took began earlier than 11:30 and was at least 5 hours long if I recall correctly. There is a lot to see in Brugge and its a lovely town to walk in.It's an hour from Brugge to Brussels then, (if you're taking the Thalys), 90 minutes into Paris.( I haven't been in a couple of years, is there now a Thalys straight to Brugge?) To be in paris by 5:30 would mean leaving Brugge at 2 or 2:30, that's only 3 hours.If it were me, I'd spend the night, if you can't then I suggest you limit your time to walking the town, having lunch and taking a canal tour. Even if you don't mind a fast pace the itinerary you propose seems like a sprint, leaving little time to relax an enjoy Brugge.
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Betsy,<BR><BR>I'm ambitious- but not that ambitious! My post was not clear enough. We are thinking of leaving Bruges on the train at 5:30 p.m., arriving in Paris at 8:00 p.m.; our Bruges time would be 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (six hours). The two tours we are considering are supposedly around 1/2 hour each. We have limited time this vacation, and do not want to give up our evening in Paris.<BR><BR>Does this make you reconsider your response?<BR><BR>Thanks.
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Matt<BR><BR>Do yourselves a favor and stay in Paris. There's so much to do there. Plan to go to Bruges when you are able give the beautiful city the time and attention it deserves. You won't be sorry.
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You can do it, but you're going to be pretty tired when you get back to Paris! I hope you're thinking that your week-end night will be spent at a quiet restaurant and just relaxing at a cafe--you'll probably be two exhausted to do much else. However, if you guys are really up for it, go ahead. You can always nap on the train (especially on the way back, it will be too dark to see anything anyway). <BR>I'm not sure the canal boats will be running in December. If the weather is iffy, they won't be. You can always do a horse-drawn carriage tour instead (I'd recommend that over the minibus tour anyway). You can catch a carriage near the Beginhof, about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the train station. Remember, Brugge can be very crowded on week-ends. <BR>Of the museums in Brugge, my favorite is the Groeninge (make sure you go to the upstairs wing). Brugge is a compact city and you can see much, if not all, of it in a day trip. It's a shame you can't spend the night--Brugge is wonderful at night when the daytrippers are gone, but if a day is all you have...<BR>It's a long day, no doubt, but if you've got the willpower and energy, go for it!<BR>BTilke (Brussels)
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matt,<BR><BR>we went to bruges on a half day tour from brussels, and we felt a half day there was enough, however, it sounds like it could be a cool place at night-nonetheless, i think your timing is fine. we usually try to pack too much into a trip as well, so i can understand your desire to get there. i agree with other posters-if you don't mind feeling a bit tired, go for it. i also think the train will provide a good chance to restore yourselves.

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