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Trip Report A tour of Classical Greece and some Island Hopping

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My husband and I recently returned from our first trip to Greece. We were here from May 7th to the 18th, this was my dream vacation and it was everything I imagined it to be!

Our itinerary was 2 nights in Athens, then a four day Classical Tour, 1 night Athens, ferry to Mykonos for 2 nights, ferry to Santorini for 3 nights, fly back to Athens for a night and then fly home. I debated on booking this on my own or thru an agent but decided that with all of our moving around, a chance of transportation strikes and not wanting to battle transfers from one place to another I decided to book with Fantasy Travel. The fact that this was my husband’s first trip to Europe and that I was doing all the leg work, I felt this was the way to go for our first trip.

Many thanks to all those Fodorites out there for help in my planning, I picked up many tips from here and really only had to post a few questions as much is already out there. I also realized I should have set things up differently than I did, but that’s a lesson you learn too. You can get some information from the tour books, but what I found from here was just so much more “real”. I especially love reading the trip reports to see what others experienced.

Our journey started from Detroit and we flew to JFK. We then had a short delay boarding of about a half hour for our flight to Athens and then much to our dismay we then had to sit on the plane for almost 3.5 hours before we did depart. I was quite impressed that my husband didn’t start on his “This is why I hate to travel” soapbox. In the past we have had some plane delays so he did have a background for this. This delay got us into Athens at about 1:00 pm instead of the 9:20 am arrival so part of our journey I had to “rethink” our plan. Yes this is a vacation, but I am a planner. A few days prior I realized and saw confirmation from here and TA that even though it would be May 7th when we arrived the hours for the sites had not changed to the extended summer ones. So I was already thinking we had to change a few things around for our short Athens stay.

Day 1 – Upon arrival we were picked up by our rep from Fantasy Travel. After sitting on a plane for 14 hours it was so nice to see someone waiting to whisk me away. Our base while in Athens was the Hotel Central. We were here on 3 different occasions, each time we had a different room but all with a few of the Acropolis. I was so giddy when we first got in and I saw it looming outside my window. The hotel is on a side street just outside the Plaka and was in a great location, closest to Syntagma Square. The rooms here were the smallest of our journey, overall we stayed in 5 different hotels, the beds were comfortable, the hotel was very modern and the staff was very helpful.

After freshening up we walked by some of the churches listed in Rick Steves’ walking guide and then headed to the Arch of Hadrian, stopping in just a few stores along Adrianou, and then viewed the Temple of Zeus through the gates as it was already closed for the day. Next we toured the New Acropolis Museum. This was by far our favorite museum, this could have been because it was our first museum, but we were just amazed at the sculptures and pieces from the Parthenon and I loved how everything was displayed. I especially liked how they kept the walkway open to view the findings below the museum, just a neat thing to see. We had asked at the information desk here about the opening times for the Acropolis and National Archaeological museum as our hotel told us they were on summer hours but I knew they weren’t. She made a quick call and confirmed that it was still winter hours and that since the next day was Sunday that we wouldn’t have to pay for the Acropolis ticket or for the museum. Bonus!

From here we picked up some fresh nuts from a street vendor to snack on as we picked back up on Rick Steve’s walking guide. This led us thru the village of Anafiotika. This was a very quaint walk and we felt like we had been transported to the islands. The walkways are very narrow between the homes, and everything is as in the pictures, white houses with blue doors and shutters with flowers flowing everywhere. We saw many cats roaming around here and got the quintessential photo of one napping in a flower box with blue shutters behind it and pink flowers flowing around it. This walk also just seemed to take you away from Athens as it is so different from everything else you encounter in the city.

When we exited here we were right near the area where the restaurant steps are and we then walked by the Roman Forum to view the Tower of the Winds. I was ready to look for a place to grab a snack, but my husband saw more columns in the distance so we kept on and then came upon The Library of Hadrian. Both of these were closed but since we wouldn’t have time the next day to explore them walking around the edges still gave us a good idea and great views of them. From here we were hungry but seemed to just wander and got caught up looking for the 5 Brothers Taverna, which is now closed. We decided to just head back towards our hotel to take a break and get our bearings. This break led us to Bretto’s for a drink and a bit of a rest. For dinner that night we went back to the restaurant steps and ate at Sissifos which was the restaurant at the top of the steps. There were no tables on the steps here but we ate on the roof under the Acropolis. The food was good and this restaurant seemed to have more options than the others on the steps which is why we choose it.

Day 2 – Today we saw the Acropolis, and yes it took our breath away! Definitely get here before the crowds, I know it’s your vacation and you may have to get up early but seeing it with 50 people vs. 1000’s milling around makes a huge difference! We wandered around taking ton’s of photos, I also got some great shots of the Temple of Zeus from here. Again we had to just be okay with the view of the Theater of Dionysus as we wouldn’t have time to actually explore it. But we spent a bit over 2 hours just taking in everything on the Acropolis. Since we were here just after it opened we also got some photos without other tourists not in it. We also climbed up Mars Hill for views of the City when we were done. When reading about Mars Hill I expected something much bigger and further away from the Acropolis, but it was right on the pathway behind the Acropolis leading to the Ancient Agora. There are steps to the side to climb verse using the inlaid ones so it’s not difficult to get up and if you have an extra 10 minutes or so it was nice to do.

We then took the back way into the Ancient Agora. On our way we bumped into someone we had chatted with on the Acropolis and found out that his wife had been pick pocketed while up there. So that was a reality check for us that even though we were aware that it could happen, and we felt perfectly safe while exploring Athens thus far, that we did need to be careful. The Ancient Agora I felt was very peaceful to explore. Again I was happy to have my tour book with me explaining what everything was. Otherwise there were only a few signs that explained what things were so I recommend having this with you. I’m not sure if a map would have been provided, but no one was working the gate when we went in so I’m not sure on that.

We exited from probably the entrance and made our way to Monastiraki square and had our first gyro from a street vendor. Yummy! It was only 2 Euro’s, had a few French fries in it and had much better Tzataki sauce then what I’m used to. Only bad thing was the grease that dripped on my pants! Lucky for me I had extra room in my suitcase and had thrown some extra things in so I was just fine.

We then took a cab for 5 Euro’s to the National Archaeological Museum. We breezed right in again and only had to check our backpack and not my larger camera bag. While at the Acropolis no one was working so we didn’t have to do that. I was happy that I could keep my large camera bag with me, this was a messenger style bag that I had just bought for the trip that besides my SLR also had my telephoto lens in it, and had some extra room for my wallet and a few other small things. This museum was much larger than the New Acropolis one, and one could stay here forever if they were a museum buff. I on the other hand am not, and followed my handy tour book to make sure I didn’t miss the highlights. I was still impressed with what I saw and a few hours was all we needed. A few rooms were closed for the day since they didn’t have full staff. This was a bit of a bummer, but the main pieces we could see and so we didn’t notice the difference of missing a few rooms.

Our plan was to take another taxi right back to Monastiraki and go to a café that we had passed for dessert and drinks. But… this was our first encounter with being treated as a tourist. The drivers wanted 15 Euro to take us back saying that traffic was just too heavy and that they could bring us to a better restaurant. We’ll I recalled that I could take a bus from Syntagma to here and as he pointed us in how to walk to Syntagma Square we headed that way. At the second paper stand we were told that for 1.20 Euro we could take the trolley. This worked out just fine.

We then decided to watch the changing of the guard as we were right there and were amazed at how big the guards actually are. My husband is a pretty big guy at just over 6 feet tall and these guards stood much taller! From here we headed back to the Plaka to find something sweet to eat. On our way I made a detour into a shop and bought some jewelry for myself, well it was Mother’s Day back home after all, and then we settled on getting some gelato.

We had dinner reservations that night for Orizontes on Mt. Lycabettus and took the metro and then walked to the funicular to get here. We did go the wrong way out of the metro and have since learned to ask. I had known there were mixed reviews on this restaurant as it is quite pricey, but I still wanted to come. The food was good, but not for the prices we paid. The views were spectacular, but there is a viewing platform that one could just go up to. I had wanted to watch the sunset from our table, but didn’t realize that it would set on the other side of the viewing platform so we didn’t get to see it. The restaurant choice was really our only disappointment of the trip, but since I knew it might not live up to expectations we just chalked it up to what it was.

The Bus tour
Day 3 –Our Classical bus tour with GO Tours left today. I know taking a tour is a big debate for most, but since I was merging classical Greece with some islands it was the only way to do it in our time frame. Overall we enjoyed the tour, and for where we went and all the background stories we got I would definitely recommend this. I do think 4 days would be our max on a tour though, after this time you are just ready to be on your own. There was some great information that was shared and we only felt rushed at a few of the sites, and really only would have needed another half hour at these. The silly shopping stops were also bathroom/stretch breaks and I never felt that I had to buy something so I didn’t mind them.

Our first day we did a quick photo stop at the Corinth Canal, stopped at the Theater of Epidavros, had 2 stops at Mycenea, and then another quick photo stop in Nafplio. This day I felt the most rushed, but we had been told up front as we had left late and that since it wasn’t summer hours that this would happen. At the Theater I was curious to see if our guide would do a test for the acoustics, but a group of kids (probably middles or high school age) had arrived while we were there and actually performed a play. At first we were disappointed, but were pleasantly surprised by this treat. In Mycenea we only listened to part of the guide’s explanation and then went off to explore on our own. We probably didn’t need to do this, but we did get more time than the others to explore and also got a great picture alone by the Lions Gate in doing this.

From here we drove to Olympia to spend the night. We stayed at the Hotel Europa and had paid for the upgrade to first class for the hotels and were glad that we did. All three nights we were in a different hotel then the tourist level, ours served a buffet meal each night vs. the others that received a plate meal, we had awesome views and often times were closer to the towns if we wanted to explore them a bit. I felt the hotels we stayed at on this bus trip were actually nicer than our hotel in Athens which surprised me. The tourist level seemed to be lower than that in Athens from what others described.

Day 4 - Olympia. This was my main reason of doing the Classical tour. Of course I wanted to see the other sites and they are all just amazing, but this is what led me here. First we toured the museum, then the site. We had quite a bit more time here then what we had at the sites on our first day, but these were our main stops today and then we would head to Delphi. The Olympia site was much larger than I had expected, and was in such a pretty site with so much greenery surrounding it. Our guide unfortunately did not walk around the site with us as she had in the museum, she just started in one spot and then let us go our own way. Later on I actually decided I likee this as we moved at a much different pace than the rest of our bus companions. At this site we were the last ones back to the bus as we took our time seeing everything and of course ran the track!
From here we stopped for lunch at another “made for tour bus restaurant” with mediocre food. My husband ended up eating moussaka every day for lunch while on the tour, I started with chicken soulvaki which was very bland so I switched to having just greek salads. Our last day in Metorea though we went to a café where we got to go in the kitchen and have the owner show us what she had cooked. Her food looked and was much better than our other stops, so I had her pork special and my DH had the best moussaka thus far!

We drove along the Ionian coast and across the Rio-Antirrio bridge towards Delphi. Our break this day was a stop to taste wine and olive oils. This was a great stop and I regret not buying some olive oil here as it was the same price as other places we had seen and they had some flavored ones too. We bought a bottle of wine here and shared it at the hotel with some of our new friends. Once in Delphi we spent some time in town shopping and I picked up a few things for the kids. Our hotel this night was the Hotel Amelia, the tourist class hotel was the Hotel Hermes and those that stayed there were not impressed!

Day 5 – Delphi was just amazing! This was in a very mountainous area and the colors of the mountain rock as the background to the temple of Apollo just made this a more beautiful site. Our guide this day told us the story of how Apollo came to choose this site and then about the oracle readings. My husband took the camera and went exploring as I sat back and soaked it all in. I just love all the mythological stories so I enjoyed the tour more than others for this reason. Around the site there were many poppies and other flowers and we were told that in a few weeks time all this would be mowed as they were starting to harm the marble . That is for the best, but it was so nice seeing everything with the flowers surrounding it. To see the site you gradually head up hill as everything was on different levels of the mountain. It was just gorgeous seeing everything laid out below you as you got to the top. Opposite of Olympia we visited the site first then the museum. The museum was very crowded doing it this way, and there were a few school trips here too that added to the different tour groups and other tourists visiting. The museum was small so we still were able to view it all.

After visiting Delphi we headed to Meteora. Our tourist stop this day was to learn how they make frescoes. This was interesting and was just a short stop. I got a book of Meteora here. This night we stayed at the Divani Meteora Hotel, the nicest hotel of the bus tour. We viewed 2 monasteries from our window and again were able to walk into town to shop or wander. We did some shopping prior to dinner but afterwards we went into back again and ended up bringing back a dessert from one of the bakeries.

Day 6 – Our last day of the tour and we were able to visit the monasteries of Ayios Stephanos and Russano. Prior to stopping at the first monastery the bus pulled over and we were able to view 4 of the monasteries from the road. This was breathtaking seeing them all perched up atop the mountains just laid out in front of us.

From here we had a leisurely lunch in town and walked around a bit afterwards as we knew we had a long drive ahead of us. The drive was uneventful, we had some nice scenery as we came in view of the Sporades here. Once in Athens we experienced our first delay due to a demonstration. The bus could not get to all the hotels and when it was our time to get off we had to walk, well really jog a bit with suitcases in tow in front of the riot guards to make it across the street before being delayed by the demonstration crowd that was quickly nearing Syntagma. Back at the hotel, about 4 short blocks away, it was like being in a different city as in the Plaka one wouldn’t have known about the large crowds marching. We headed out for a pizza at Ydria by Hadrian’s Library and noted their menu with lots of choices; we ended up eating here again on our last night back in Athens.

Island Hopping
Day 7 – We had an early pickup to make the 7:30 ferry to Mykonos on Blue Star Ithaki. This was the slow ferry and made a few stops before arriving at Mykonos. About 5 1/2 hours later we arrived at Mykonos and were picked up by a driver from our hotel, Vencia Boutique. Luckily our room was ready, but others had to wait for theirs as the seas were a bit rough the prior day and some ferries were cancelled so the arrival and departures were kind of messed up. We didn’t have any issues on our travel here and freshened up in the room before heading into town to explore. Mykonos Harbour is quite small, we stopped a café to split some fava beans and have a few drinks. Ouzo did taste much better on ice, but I can’t say I’m still a fan of it! We wandered around stopping in a few shops as we made our way to Little Venice and the famous Windmills. We took a card for Katerina’s after speaking with the owner and said we’d be back later on. We also bumped into Pedro while making our way through the streets, but later I was told it was Flora as this was a female pelican we had seen.

Back at the hotel we decided to have a before dinner drink at the pool and ended up watching the sunset from here. Now the sunset was just great, but boy the mohito from the bar tender was the best drink ever! Now I know why so many reviews on TA mentioned the bar tender. He played great background music and the drinks we had from him were quite good. This was our first sunset we watched over the Mediterranean and the view from our infinity pool was just awesome! We decided we didn’t have it in us to head back to town and just ate at our hotel.

Day 8 – We took the first ferry to Delos and followed others advice and started exploring from the opposite direction as the map. At first I couldn’t see the advantage to this until I realized that the first ferry had no tour groups on it. Once we came around the island and saw how many others were now there I can see how this was a better route. I had also brought some notes with me about some of the sites we would see and was very glad we did. The map provided showed more ruins than the tour books back home, but I had some additional stories that were interesting to read as we went along. It really did help knowing what the main areas to see were as the map from Delos showed everything and one could have easily missed some of the mosaics had they not known to keep looking. There were only 2 ferries returning this day, one at 12 and one at 2, we took the later one back so that we could take the time to climb up Mt. Kythnos. Delos was amazing there was just so much preserved here and even though it’s just a half hour from Mykonos, it seemed to be miles away.

We rented an ATV for the remainder of the day and the next morning. We almost didn’t do this as we got back later from Delos, but I had really wanted to explore Mykonos and some of the northern areas so it was a better option than taking buses. I’m glad we did this and that in Santorini that we rented a car. I wouldn’t have wanted an ATV on Santorini, there was a lot more traffic on Santorini and the cars drove much faster than on Mykonos. We went to Kiki’s for a late lunch first and then went to Panormous Bar on Panormous Beach for a drink this day. We then went to Katrina’s for our sunset reservation in Little Venice and had an appetizer and a few drinks as we watched the sun make its descent. This was an even better sunset than the night before and seeing it from this view with the windmills all lit off just to the side of us was quite romantic. We stopped at a few shops and then ended up having some gelato as we just didn’t need to have dinner after all of our late afternoon eating.

Day 9 – This morning we still had the ATV and took it to the southern beaches just to check things out. We first drove to Aghios Ioanni then we went to Plati Gialos. I preferred the latter one here that had many thatched umbrellas and some restaurants behind it, it seemed like it could be a calm bay too. Back on the ATV we headed to Paranga and Paradise. Again I liked the latter better. Paradise was more commercialized than all of the beaches we had been too, but with its rows of chairs and bars I could see how later it would be the party place. At 11:00 am it was quiet though. We had a drink at Tropicana Bar and then it was time to head back to return our quad. Once we did this it was time to soak up some sun by the pool and have a last drink from the bartender before catching our ferry to Santorini. We also ordered a bite to eat here too. If we hadn’t gone to Delos I’d say the 2 nights would have been plenty, but with seeing Delos I would have liked an extra day to stay at a beach or even by the pool longer.

We took the Flying Cat 4 ferry, and it was running about an hour late. Once on though everything went smoothly and we again were met by a driver from our hotel, Volcano View Villas. This sat on the caldera, but was just outside of Fira and was a half hour walk or a 5 minute shuttle from our hotel if you caught one. They ran frequently enough, it’s just we always seemed to miss the evening one. Here we were taken to our room which was 71 steps down from the reception area. We were placed by one of the 3 pools in a very nice looking room, but when we turned the air conditioning on it made a horrendous noise. We have never asked to move rooms at a hotel before, but since we hadn’t unpacked yet we asked if they could. We were shown 2 other rooms also caldera facing, but they were much smaller and very musty that we just kept with the first room. After the air had run awhile the noise actually went away.

After settling in we walked into town and checked out some travel agents for renting a car and the volcano boat tour before having dinner. We could have booked this from the hotel, but the person working that night was really pushing this other boat tour that I didn’t want to take and I knew there were plenty of other options for us. We got a recommendation from one of the agents for a restaurant as we didn’t want anything fancy this night. We couldn’t find this particular restaurant, and it seemed like the walkway near the caldera was just restaurant after restaurant and so we then experienced the restaurant owner that tried to tell us his restaurant was the one we were looking for. We knew it wasn’t and had passed a place earlier whose menu looked good so we decided to go back to that. Interestingly enough the neighboring restaurant owner had some words with the owner that tried to trick us. We were glad we had left. We ate at Rastoni and shared a plate of fried gruyere, a salad, and lamb chops drizzled in a sauce with mushrooms. It was very good and we were given our first glass of Vinsanto afterwards. We caught the shuttle back to our place and now the debate was on for what we would do on our first full day in Santorini.

Day 10 – We decided to do the caldera rim walk over the boat tour to the volcano. We wouldn’t have time for both during our stay and figured if we ever came back we could always do the boat tour but might not be up to the walk. I had previously made dinner reservations for Nectar and Ambrosia for tonight, but we realized that the buses didn’t run that late and decided to move that for the next day when we had the rental car. Lucky for us it wasn’t busy yet and we didn’t really need the reservations. By the time we ate breakfast and stopped in town to reserve our car for the next day we didn’t start the walk until almost 10:00 am from the cable car station. If you decide not to do the entire walk I do recommend just walking to Imerovigli. You get to see a lot of the caldera from here and the towns just clinging to the cliffs. From the cable car station in Fira to the beginning of Oia it was about a 3 hour walk. We did stop to take tons of pictures and just gaze in awe at the scenery. After passing Imerovigli you do not walk through towns but just on a dirt path that at some parts is loose volcanic rock. I can see the trip being easier to do from Fira to Oia, as the uphill portion this way was on firmer ground. The closer you get to Oia you are walking downhill on loose gravel and I can see that being tricky going up. There was a small stand that served refreshments that we stopped at for a drink and a bathroom break. After this we also passed another stand but this didn’t have tables.

Once in Oia we basically looked for a restaurant right away. We ate at Thalami which was right by the steps to Armeni and had Fried Tomato Fritters, a greek salad and the Soutsoukakia (meatballs). We enjoyed these 2 new dishes and the Mythos hit the spot after our long walk. We did just a bit of shopping before catching the bus back to Fira so that we could go swimming and relax a bit. I was glad we did the walk and even happier that we had changed our dinner reservation. My original plan was to do the walk, shop around, maybe go down to Ammoudi Bay and then have dinner. We never did head down to the Bay, but sitting by the pool was so refreshing as it did really get warm as we did our hike.

This night we went to Ellis for dinner as recommended by others we had met in Mykonos. The food was excellent, I had the Lamb Klefitoka that was served in foil and was a mixture of lamb, potatoes and vegetables while my husband had the Beef Filet “Ellis” that had a nice sauce on it. The appetizer of fried zucchini with tzatziki sauce was quite nice. They gave us a free dessert here, I wasn’t too fond of it though. It had a kind of stringy texture to it and seemed similar to tiramisu without being soaked in liquor.
Day 11 – Today our car was delivered to the hotel at 9:00 am and we went to explore the rest of Santorini. This was a full day for us! Our first stop was the Monastery of Profitis Ilas. We walked up and went in which I later believe was not the main monastery but a newer church. There was another building that was just further up the hill but the doors were shut here. After descending the hill it almost seemed like we should have gone up the other way to the other building, but no one was working here to ask and none of the other tourists seemed to know what to do either. There were nice views from here but I never did see the museum I had read about.

From here we did a bit of wine tasting before going to Ancient Thira. My husband and I enjoy visiting the wineries back home so we wanted to go to a few here too. We visited Volcan Wines and their Wine Museum. The museum is very interesting and is all underground. You listen to a radio that plays a description of different scenes that reminded me of the design of the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney ride, but these showed you what it was like to harvest and make wine in the 1800’s. This was 7 Euro per person and came with 4 tastes. We also stopped at Canava Roussous Winery where tastes were 1.50 Euro. We split the glasses here and sat in a lovely garden. They had just opened the day prior so we lucked out on our timing. From here it was up the winding road to Ancient Thira. A taxi passed us, which was a good thing as then we just followed him up the blind curves on this narrow road. Once we were there it was amazing to think that this was all built in the 15th century BC. As we were leaving here they were getting ready to close. As with most sightseeing this trip we learned that it’s better to see the sites and museums early in the day as sometimes they would close early.

We then went into Kamari to have lunch. We ate at Navy which seemed to be much busier than the other restaurants and had a nice overview of the black sand beach. Our lunch was good, I opted for a pizza while my husband had moussaka. I would have liked to have stayed at the beach, but we wanted to explore a bit more and settled for just dipping our toes in. The beach was very rocky, more so than the black sand beach I remembered from Hawaii so if you go do make sure to have some water shoes. We then headed towards the other side of the coast to the Red sand beach, but must have missed our turn and had to try a different route. We ended up back towards the port so we stopped at Santos Winery next. This had the great views of the caldera as your background while wine tasting. We split the tasting tray that came with 6 glasses of wine, cheese, olives, a tomato spread and bread. You could have ordered glasses individually, but it was just easier to do this way. It was very picturesque here.

We then set off for the red beach, but again found our car steering itself as we went to Gavalas Winery. I didn’t think we’d have time to look for this winery, but since the sign was there we just followed it. I’m glad we did as we liked these wines the best. This was a very small winery, but just what I pictured finding in Greece. Finally we did make it to the red beach, but as it was getting late we walked over to where you could see the trail leading down to it, but we just took a few photos and went back to the car. A quick trip to the lighthouse to see the views of the caldera from here and then it was time to drive up to Oia to catch the sunset and have dinner at Nectar and Ambrosia. This restaurant lived up to it’s reviews and the Santorini Feta, phyllo wrapped feta with honey was superb! We split a few appetizers, our meal of Nectars Oven Lamb, and then opted for our own desserts. Again I ordered what reviewers had recommended and had the Summer Strawberries with Dark Chocolate Circles. Another delicious meal!

Day 12 – This was our last day on Santorini and we went into Fira to go to both museums and do some final shopping. It was National Museum day so we didn’t have to pay the entrance fees. We had noticed at breakfast that there were about 4 ships in, and while in town you could tell that there were more people around but it was still easy to move about. We walked down the steps to the port taking in our last views and seeing a donkey or two, or more and then took the cable car back up. Back at the top it looked was quite a different scene. There were crowds everywhere with everyone in line to take the cable cars back down. Now I understand about how busy Fira could get and was thankful that this was the only day we had experienced this. A last gyro for lunch and then we headed back to the hotel to soak up some rays poolside before our flight to Athens.

The flight to Athens was short and in no time we were back collecting our luggage and heading to the Hotel Central for the last time. We picked up a few more gifts in Athens and then took the metro to Athens Craft. My husband loves the micro brewed beer so this had been on our to do list. We sampled the 5 beers they had on tap for free, ordered an appetizer and then each had our favorite beer of the bunch. A soccer, or football, game was on and it was odd to us that most of the patrons were drinking coffee drinks and not beer when it was about 7:00 pm and they were at a brew house. We ended up deciding that we preferred to go back to Ydria for our last meal and took the metro back to Syntagma. After getting off we realized that a taste fair of some sort was being held in the metro station. We wandered around this sampling food and bought a bottle of olive oil and some nuts to snack on. Off to Ydria for our last meal, a trip to the hotel roof to bid farewell to the Acropolis and then our last night was over. The next day our flight back to JFK wasn’t until 11 so we were able to take our time that morning over breakfast and our trip home went smoothly.

We covered many areas of Greece and loved all of it! I realize this report was very long but I tried putting in the details of things that I looked for while reading reports in planning our trip so I hope this helps out others too. As they say planning for a trip is half the fun, not sure about half but I do enjoy it and felt our trip was better for it. Now I'll just save the rest of my research for our next trip back!

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