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A Romantic Graffito In The Roman Forum???

This is for any Latin language experts who might have a theory on this inscription but also for the romantics :).

 I'm a major Roman Forum buff :) and it's the little things I've found that peak my curiosity esp if there is a personal/human link to the past.

Like the 'game boards' etched into the Forum's steps and pavements, put there and played by just average people like me that history will never record.
  What I found was a graffito and my guess is it's on what once was a step probably to a shop. It's not in it's original location and among other building fragments.
  Most of the Game boards are on steps, the Forum had alot of people hanging around just loitering day & night, they sit, they get bored, they etch a game or graffito into the steps.  
The section I found it in had shops along that section of the Via Sacra and the 'House of the Vestal Virgins' behind it.
  This *step* is ~1m long and the graffito/inscription is complete, nothing before or after it.

 It reads EROS PRIM .
  1st off the Romans liked to abbreviate even on official inscriptions like AVG for Augustus, C? or CAES for Caesar, IMP for Imperori (sp?).
 So PRIM is probably primitus meaning First/No. 1/First Time, other variations are 'first beginning', 'foremost', etc. Another is primaevus meaning youth or youthful.

 EROS is the Greek 'God of Love', the Romans borrowed it and renamed it Cupid.
  Eros is slightly more on the romantic side while Cupid is more on the lustful side.
 Greek is a very common 2nd language in Rome and there are alot of Greeks in Rome (artists, businessmen/traders, slaves, etc) who would still worship their Gods also. So Eros was probably known to the Romans.

Now for the guessing game :), What does it mean? The 'Love God Eros is #1'? Or could Eros be variation of their word for Love? 'Love is #1' like a modern day youthful expression like 'Love Rules'?

Chauvinism aside, this is no doubt a man did this esp way back then and we haven't changed much :).
  Graffiti is still a young man's game.
 But usually it's just their name, a picture, their favorite Gladiator or Chariot team or disrespecting someone (personal enemy, ex-girlfriend/wife, boss, politican, etc).
 But perhaps! that man was a hopeless romantic or in Love! Why else would a man probably young chisel out on a step something
about the God of Love being number 1?

 Anyway, I look at that step and see a lovesick young man sitting there and leaning over, obivious to the hussle and bussle of the ancient Forum around him as he intently etches those words into the stone step.  
  His thoughts focused on a young woman, the center of his universe. Perhaps he's thanking the 'God of Love' for answering his prayers or perhaps this is an lovelorn offering to the 'God of Love' to answer his prayers (unrequited love, an arranged marriage to another, class seperation, etc).
 Or maybe he is just a hopeless young romantic, waiting and knowing that someday thru Fate he will meet his true love.
I've posted on an ancient history, an archaeology and a Latin Newsgroup with no luck on what this saying could mean.  But personally, I like my theory :).
  I hope in the end he got the girl and they lived happily ever after :).
But perhaps he never did and lived out his life always wondering...what if :(.
Regards, Walter

p.s. This step is alongside the Via Sacra by a group of trees, it's ~1m long.
  If you are coming downhill on the Via Sacra from the Palatine Hill/Arch of Titus end it forks at the Regia.   Take the left fork and a few meters on the left you will see bldg fragments, this step is close to the Via Sacra between the that and the group of trees.
  I recall? that it is just dark stone and not marble but you can easily make-out the inscription, the EROS will catch your eye 1st. The bottom half of this photo is the Temple and House of the Vestal Virgins. In the upper left is the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina and to the right after a group of trees is the round Temple of Romulus. See the Via Sacra in front of this round Temple running right to left. Picture yourself walking from the right end towards the left, see where it hits a small group of trees, that is where the road forks, you want the left fork and the step is right there on the left.

This photo was taken from above the Forum Sq. looking at this road head-on. You can't see it but where the road ends closest to you is where it forks. And just to the left of the *small* 3 columned 'Temple of Vesta' near the center of the photo is that group of trees. Also you can see part of the 'Temple of Romulus' on the left.

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