A little help for a newbie

Aug 13th, 2001, 10:15 AM
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As a fellow Canadian and a (once upon a time-single) Mom, let me say CONGRATULATIONS. Let me add a couple of thoughts
1. Do visit Fiesole while in Florence: its a simple, inexpensive bus ride away and has tremendous views,provides a break from the tourist feel of Florence, has an amazing Etruscan museum and charming ruins suitable for picnicing, walking and dreaming about what once was..
2. There is a great small hotel in Florence run by an ex-pat Canadian (Madame Zarb from Toronto, originally) Its called Hotel Porta Faenza, is on Via Faenza 77 (fax 055-210101 or phone (055)217975 or email [email protected]. Centrallly located, very comfortable, nice breakfast, pleasant family-run with good folks to chat with over breakfast (a comfort when you are on new to this, I think)Even if your accomadation is solidly booked this time for somewhere else, do check it out, because you will be back!
3. Also in Florence, try Tratorria Antellesi also on Via Faenza nr Straw Market. Run by Joe and Renee, originally from Montreal, say "hi" from the Toronto redhead and her Mum. Try the artichoke and parmesan salad, the wild boar in Chianti and the panna cotta.
4. While I avoid carrying a purse anyway, don't be too preoccupied with possible incidents. If you don't look like a target (flash your wealth around) you won't likely be picked as one.
Aug 13th, 2001, 10:36 AM
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Some of the above advice is a bunch of crap. I have no clue how Katherine traveled from FLorence to Pisa, but it sure does not take 5 hours! Florence to Pisa one way costs 9,500 ITL(About $4 USD).The train ride from florence to pisa is either 45 minutes of 1 1/2 hours - i can't remember. Maybe Katherine meant that you can go to pisa from florence and see the tower and get back to florence in 5 hours - that is more of a reality.

In Pisa you can walk from the train station about 30 minutes and see the leaning tower (or else find a bus to take you there). If you walk to the leaning tower, there are signs that have a picture of the tower and an arrow. Just follow the signs and you will end up at the tower (remember how to get back to the station!). they are expecting to reopen the tower to visitors (to climb up) in November 2001.

There are some good places in pisa to eat lunch - just a block or so from the tower.

As for Rome, here is my suggestions (and i bet you have not seen these in the travel books).

There is so much to see in Rome, on my 4th trip there I finally saw the bone collection. This is one of the strangest things that I have ever seen. It is the basement of a church called Santa Maria Della Concezione. You enter and there is artwork made out of human bones (from 4000 priests and monks) all over the walls and ceilings. Really weird. You are supposed to pay a small donation to see this stuff also you are not supposed to take pictures. I have some really neat pictures! If you want to, they sell postcards of the bones.
If possible, don't eat in places near the tourist spots. You will get ripped off and receive poor food. Eat in places called Trattoria (family run restaurants).
And try the ice cream parlor at Giolitti, near the Parliment building and parthenon

Aug 13th, 2001, 02:39 PM
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April, you asked for a "little help". Looks like you got more than you bargained for! What you have may be little hard to digest, so I'll shut up. Just want to add my congratulations on your win. Wish it would happen to me!

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